Dead Erriquez, Bandabardo’s face and soul – Music

A burst of life, joy
overcoming ethnic barriers to play, sing and dance together
and cultural. In this art it was Enrico Greppi and more
Errikes, the face and spirit of Bandabardo, is dead in him
The house in Fiesol. To bring him to his death, at 60, one
a long-lasting illness, but this did not stop his desire
continue to leave a mark on the music and send a
a message of union between people in a sign of joy e
solidarity With his notes, long hair and beard
so much so that April 25 and May 1 were filled with passion
as well as overcoming the time barrier of seeing change
musical tastes and ways of being together. Very protected, however
solar, Erriquez has always struggled in the social sphere
including the causes of the most vulnerable.

“I have no regrets, no regrets, my life was everything
adventure, ”he wrote in his latest post on social media. Ed
it is only possible to agree with him to restore this life.
Childhood in Tuscany, then adolescence in Brussels and
Luxembourg, where he learns language and the ability to mix
with people all over the world. Son of art, learn to play
the violin at the conservatory, but soon leaves it
the approaching stone, his passion. These are the pink years
Floyd, by Jetro Tull, who inspired him, along with the adults
Italian songwriters from De Andre.
He then hugs her with a guitar and then accompanies her
his adventures with Bandabardo. The group, born in 1993, et al
Named in honor of Brigitte Bardot, to celebrate beauty,
When Erriquez met Finaz, he was the first guitar virtuoso
electric, then acoustic. They are the ones who form the basis of the quasi
the group’s thirty years of success. Start with the debut album
The group is saturated with a circus that introduces itself in Tuscany
only Bì-Bì Initials, Mojito Football Club and Bondo!
Bondo! In 2002, he marked an international success
group. Albums, tours and charity nights until 7 p.m.
From many colleagues at the Nelson Mandela Forum, when December 2018
From Max Gazze to Carmen Console, from Modena City Ramblers to Pero
Pele, celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary with a great concert.

“Attention, concentration, rhythm and vitality,” abstinence
everyone remembers. “It’s in every story
has its own life and a thousand stories of each life. My life
the music that takes place, meetings with peoples, magic, fairy tales, thousands
bright sun and wind on your face, ”he wrote again
the last message to remember his thousand-colored ribbon. How
Reads the opening of Bandabard’s official website: “Most
opened, bombed and colorful Italian folklore group ”.

“We welcome the generous warrior and the great Poet with gratitude,” are the touching words of his family.



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