Even Dave Chapelle can’t stand liberals like Elon Musk and free speech

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Comedian Dave Chapelle had a very special guest join him on stage on Sunday night. Recently, the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, took the microphone and started waving to the crowd. Then the roaring started and did not stop for several minutes.

As Musk continues to release the “Twitter Files,” which independent journalists, most recently Barry Weiss, have pored over Twitter’s internal documents and produced scathing tweets, the incident at Chapelle’s San Francisco concert provides insight into Musk’s goal of being a free-speech community. . Telling the truth is harder than it looks.

There’s no shortage of irony when an arena full of Chapelle fans suddenly resembles a wailing college campus crowd refusing to hear what the man on stage is trying to say. After all, attempts to write off the controversial comedian are as common as candy. It’s a cat that hits the third rail more often than the D train.


Chapel uses the N-word incessantly throughout her show, just not the word that ends with a softened vowel. He smokes inside and makes jokes about marginalized groups who menacingly roam the stage, as if looking for the next target of his wrath. In short, it is dangerous.

Dave Chappelle may get away with the outrage, but audiences have been equally intolerant of Twitter owner Elon Musk.
(Photo by Jeremy Saffer)

But what Chapel has managed to do, and what makes him unique among not only entertainers but public figures in general, is make many progressives so comfortable with him that they give him a pass that no one else gets.

Its bluesy, cold, Gen X distance all produce an energy of safety that, I’d say, allows advanced audiences to release long-suppressed mental and emotional threads.

That is, until Elon Musk came along.

When Musk took the stage, it was as if the lights suddenly went on and off, and the audience saw an obsession with everything in our society that is supposed to destroy them. What was supposed to be a mild night of id-search comedy turned into the epitome of current progressive angst.

But what Chapel has managed to do, and what makes him unique among not only entertainers but public figures in general, is make many progressives so comfortable with him that they give him a pass that no one else gets.

What Chappelle did was to show his audience something that he was always doing, saying, or in this case, not comfortable with, but important to them. By sharing the stage with Musk, she said, “just listen to the guy,” but there are limits to Chappella.

Like Chapel’s audience, the liberal media has spent the past two weeks mocking Musk rather than listening to anything he says.

Of course, recent revelations about how Twitter suppressed COVID-19 information, or the Hunter Biden laptop story, or banned Donald Trump, or suppressed conservative speech are news. But instead, the so-called journalist ignores all of this and claims that the real story is the rise of hate speech on the website. A claim supported by fewer facts than the Easter Bunny.

Just as Twitter itself has created standards to silence conservative speech rather than apply real standards, the liberal media is making excuses every day to ignore what is arguably the biggest story in social media history.


The deep trick in all of this is that they’ve been constantly bashing Musk, a liberal darling, for working on climate-saving electric vehicles about 10 minutes ago to make it happen. Now CNN screams nonsense about normalizing Nazis.

These fake journalists infuriated their audiences to the point where they literally booed Musk even as their favorite cultural icon, Dave Chapelle, called on Musk to be open to his ideas.

By Monday morning, left-wing Twitter accounts — no, not all of them have fled to Canada or wherever since Musk took over — were mocking Musk for the crowd’s rough treatment. But watching the video, seeing the events unfold from outside the cauldron of fury, the crowd seems ridiculous, even childish.

If Musk is going to succeed in his efforts to educate the American people about how they are being manipulated by social media and tech giants, he will have to find a way to win over the crowd and win.

This is no mean feat, especially with the media handing out rotten fruit and tomatoes and whispering to the public about all of Musk’s supposed evils. But if he can withstand it all, bear arrows and arrows, he will do much good, cause many changes.


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