Every Apple Watch Released In Chronological Order

Since its initial release in 2015, the Apple Watch has become one of the most popular and innovative smartwatches on the market. With new features and improvements being added with each new release, it’s no wonder that Apple fans eagerly anticipate each new generation of the device.

Here is a chronological list of every Apple Watch that has been released to date:

  1. Apple Watch (1st generation) – Released in April 2015, the first Apple Watch featured a square face and a variety of interchangeable bands.
  2. Apple Watch Series 1 – Released in September 2016, the Series 1 was an updated version of the first generation Apple Watch, with a faster processor and improved water resistance.
  3. Apple Watch Series 2 – Also released in September 2016, the Series 2 featured a brighter display and built-in GPS.
  4. Apple Watch Series 3 – Released in September 2017, the Series 3 introduced cellular connectivity, allowing users to make calls and stream music without their iPhone.
  5. Apple Watch Series 4 – Released in September 2018, the Series 4 featured a larger display and improved health tracking features, including a built-in ECG monitor.
  6. Apple Watch Series 5 – Released in September 2019, the Series 5 featured an always-on display and a built-in compass.
  7. Apple Watch Series 6 – Released in September 2020, the Series 6 introduced blood oxygen monitoring and a faster processor.
  8. Apple Watch SE – Also released in September 2020, the SE was a lower-cost alternative to the Series 6, with many of the same features.
  9. Apple Watch Series 7 – Set to be released in late 2021, the Series 7 is expected to feature a new, larger display and improved battery life.

With each new release, the Apple Watch has become more sophisticated and capable, offering users a range of features from health tracking to mobile payments to messaging and more. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this innovative device as it continues to evolve and improve with each new generation.

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