Everything you need to know about Kovid-19 in Alberta on Sunday, October 17th


AHS said Alberta’s ICU capacity, including additional surge beds, is currently at 74 percent.

Alberta ICU capacity without surge beds is 161 percent

The latest in COVID-19 in Alberta:

  • There are currently 279 patients in the ICU, most of whom are being treated for COVID-19, Alberta Health Services said Saturday.
  • ICU capacity, including 203 additional surge beds, is currently at 74 per cent. AHS says that without additional surge locations, the capacity of the ICU in Alberta is 161 percent.
  • Earlier this week, Alberta Health Services President and CEO Dr. Verna Yiu said the number of people with Kovid-19 in ICUs is shrinking, but Albertans have warned them not to.
  • AHS is still uncertain about the impact of Thanksgiving’s long weekend on Covid-19 numbers, he said.
  • Total 2,946 Albertans have died of Kovid 16 new deaths Reported Friday.
  • Alberta reported 1,051 new cases Friday COVID-19 out of 14,054 tests.
  • The Positive rate 7.5 percent.
  • As of Friday, the total number of active cases in Alberta 12,978.
  • Alberta has seen a decrease in known Covid-19 cases since early October 20,215. But federal data shows that Alberta is still leading the country by a large margin, with one-third of active cases in Canada.
  • Alberta is reporting R-value less than 1. The R-value is the average number of COVID-19 infections transmitted from each diagnostic case.
  • An R-value below 1 means that the dispersion is no longer growing. Across the province, the R-value is from September 27 to October 3 0.92, With a confidence interval between 0.90 and 0.94. In the Edmonton sector, the R-value is 0.86 (0.83-0.90 confidence interval), whereas in the Calgary sector it is 0.93 (0.92 to 0.97). The remaining Alberta is 0.94 (0.92-0.97 confidence interval).
  • 298,328 Albertans are considered possessive Recovered From Kovid-19.
  • Alberta Health Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw gave an update on the Kovid-19 on Thursday.
  • Hinshaw opened the conference by apologizing to the family of a 14-year-old boy who died in the Kovid-19 update on Tuesday.
  • “The pain of losing a child is quite scary, without that loss being compounded by public debate about the circumstances,” Hinshaw said.
  • I received additional information showing that Kovid-19 was not the primary or secondary cause of the death of a 14-year-old child, Hinshaw said. Death is eliminated from the report.
  • If continued, the province would not report any deaths to anyone under the age of 18 without a review process, he said.
  • Hinshaw described the Kovid-19 death reporting process. According to health-care teams involved in cases, the primary or secondary cause of death includes reporting of deaths that include COVID.
  • Doctors are resuming some surgeries after bookings have been reduced by 75 per cent. But Yiu said there was no timeline for when the province could return to normal surgical volumes.
  • The Alberta government has released an op to scan and verify QR Code Vaccine records. The AB Covid Records Verifier app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.
  • Albertans can get their enhanced vaccine records with a QR Code Online alberta.ca/CovidRecords.
  • Alberta Health Services said on Saturday its scientific advisory group updated its review for use Ivermectin For the treatment of Covid-19. AHS said existing studies have problems and the available evidence does not consider it safe.
  • The AHS says that using ivermectin, which is mainly used to control intestinal parasites and certain skin parasites in cattle, horses and cows, is inadequate control and defective design in the coronavirus novel.
  • On Thursday, Hinshaw said Alberta hospitals saw people Severe adverse effects After taking ivermectin.
  • At a Facebook Live event on Wednesday night, Kenney said he was disappointed with the people who continue taking ivermectin for covid treatment or prevention.
  • “I think there’s a very strong line between the proponents of ivermectin and those who refuse the vaccine. And I’m stubborn – I can’t put my head around this, There is such deep distrust Proven safe vaccines It has been used four billion times around the world and many more people want us to use veterinary parasitic medicine, which is not official, ”he said.

View | Dr. Hinshaw says the province has changed the child death report:

Dr. Deena Hin Shah apologizes for the wrong done to the 14-year-old’s death

‘The pain of losing a child is terrible enough and that loss is not compounded by public discussion of the circumstances,’ Hinshaw said Thursday. On Tuesday, she announced the COVID-19 contributing factor to the death of the baby. It wasn’t. 3:44

The latest in Alberta’s Kovid-19 response:

  • The City of Calgary Local business operators, owners and entities affected by the provincial sanctions exemption program are opening applications for a new grant program. The Calgary Business Support Grant offers $ 2,000 for each physical permanent premises.
  • COVID-19 Modeling Alberta may finally reach its epidemic peak, and if the province leaves sanctions in place and continues to increase vaccine rates, infections and hospital admissions will continue to decrease.
  • City of Calgary All employees should be fully vaccinated against Kovid-19 and proof of the vaccine must be provided by November 1.
  • This applies to all employees of the City of Calgary, regardless of workplace or workplace, including those who work remotely or have a telework contract.
  • The Calgary Catholic School Division The governing body voted in favor of the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine for all employees.
  • The vaccine order applies to all staff, including teachers, academic assistants, paramedics and custodians.
  • The province declared New actions On October 5 to protect children and youth from Kovid-19. Step-by-step detection in schools, outbreaks in schools, and rapid-test kits for parents to check on young children.
  • The Calgary Board of Education Now employees, volunteers and partners need mandatory vaccination against Kovid-19.
  • Government House Leader Jason Nixon said Tuesday that politicians and staff in the Alberta Legislature need to vaccinate against Kovid-19 when the session resumes on October 25.
  • Alberta Public sector workers Evidence for the Kovid-19 vaccine will be shown soon.
  • The policy, which was approved by the province’s Kovid-19 Cabinet Committee, affects 25,500 provincial employees, who must submit full vaccination proof Through November 30th.
  • If employees receive housing based on the Alberta Human Rights Act or choose to produce a negative PCR test result, they are received at the employee’s expense and within 72 hours of each specified working day.
  • Kenny said he asked for inventory Johnson and Johnson are a one-dose vaccine, Some vaccine-retarded Albertans have expressed a desire to take this version. The Government of Canada is committed to securing vaccines, but currently has no supply.

View | Premier Jason Kenny announces launching a vaccine-proof scanner:

Evidence of vaccine scanner initiation in Alberta

After November 15, Premier Jason Kenny announced that the scannable QR code would become the only acceptable document for the vaccine. Health Minister Jason Copping encouraged everyone to get their QR code vaccine record. 1:47

  • Government of Kenny Has been charged A voluntary vaccine passport system went into effect from September 20 to combat the fourth wave of COVID-19.
  • Operators who are eligible for the program but do not participate must follow procedures that include capacity limits and physical distance.
  • A full list of sanctions and exceptions is available on the government’s website.
  • Following that announcement, on Sept. 22, the Calgary City Council approved a bylaw that would bring consistent application of the province’s vaccine passport program to many businesses in the city.

Recent Vaccines:

  • 65.3 per cent The total population of the province has been accepted Two doses Covid-19 vaccine, or 76.7 Percent Eligible Albertans.
  • From the total population of the province, 73 percent Have received at least one dose, or 85.8 Percent Among the eligible.
  • Across Canada, 77 Percent The total population received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 72 percent According to him, the total population has been completely vaccinated Vaccine Tracker Among the eligible, 88 percent Had a dose and 82.2 per cent Completely vaccinated.
  • Alberta is Extending the immunocompromised number People who are Eligible for the third dose Covid-19 vaccine. The full list of eligible people can be found on the province’s website.
  • In addition, mRNA doses – that is, Pfizer or Moderna – travel to Alberts for jurisdiction and do not accept visitors in mixed doses.
  • Dr. Hinshaw Says Pregnant women are at high risk of serious illness And they are demanding to get their Kovid-19 vaccine.

See which areas are most affected:

It’s here Recent detailed regional breakdown Active cases, as reported by the province on Friday:

  • Edmonton Zone: 3,050
  • Calgary Zone: 3,295
  • Northern Territory: 2,588
  • Central Zone: 2,562.
  • South Zone: 1,463
  • Unknown: 20

Here are the latest Alberta COVID-19 stories:

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