Exiled critic of Putin’s Chechen aide killed: report

A blogger and exiled critic of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov was shot dead last week, according to a leading Chechen opposition group.

Tumso Abdurahmanov, a staunch critic of Kadyrov who has been living in an asylum in Sweden, stopped posting on social media last week, raising concerns about his well-being.

“Unfortunately, the rumors about his death turned out to be true,” – 1ADAT, an anonymous dissident Telegram channel, was announced on Sunday evening.

“Tumso was shot by a group of people in the night and the details of the murder are currently being investigated.”

Chechen dissident leader Anzor Maskhadov confirmed the death of Abdurahmanov, TASS reports. Radio Free Europe report.

Tumso Abdurahmanov in front of a purple background
It was reported that Tumso Abdurahmanov was shot dead in Sweden last week.
social media/e2w

No source has indicated that Abdurakhmanov was killed in Sweden, where he had been living since fleeing Chechnya in 2015.

The Swedish police said in a statement to “Free Europe” radio that they are aware of the reports of Abdurakhmanov’s murder, but “cannot confirm these media reports and cannot comment further.”

Sweden was the place where Abdurahmanov’s life was attempted.

Two Russians were charged with attempted murder in 2020 after trying to kill a dissident Chechen with a hammer in his apartment in Gävle. According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Kadyrov and Putin shook hands in front of the plane
Chechen leader Razman Kadyrov is a strong ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Kadyrov_95/east2west news

One of Abdurakhmanov’s attackers said so in a Swedish court He was offered 50,000 euros for this shot by the Chechen government.

Before the assassination of Abdurahmanov in 2020, at least three other critics of Kadyrov were killed in Europe.

Kadyrov is the head of Russia’s Chechen region and a staunch supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov, an ultra-violent warlord, strongly supported Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and recently declared war. “Great Jihad” against Western “Satanism”.

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