Fan Bites Finger During Crazy Fight at Coyotes-Bruins Game

There will be a fan fight – and then the fans will get their finger bitten.

That’s what happened Friday during a brawl between Bruins and Coyotes fans at Mullett Arena in Tempe, Ariz. A fan video shows the brawl lasting about 40 seconds.

The fan who lost the number was Stephen Rocha, but he cannot be identified in the video. But according to the authorities, he was taken to hospital.

The fan who was bitten was arrested for aggravated assault, while five others were cited for their roles in the fight. A policeman who tried to break up the fight was also injured.

“According to a police report, a person arrested for aggravated assault bit off the tip of another person’s finger completely during an argument,” Arizona State University police said, according to Fox 10 in Phoenix. “To clarify, the victim of the attack was involved in the fight. Additionally, none of the individuals involved are affiliated with the university.

Coyotes general manager Javier Gutierrez confirmed to SportsNet on Monday at the NHL board meetings in Florida. the fan lost his finger.

The Coyotes will play this season at Arizona State’s 5,000-seat hockey arena for at least the next three seasons as their lease at the Glendale arena expires and the city chose not to renew the lease.

Bruins and Coyotes fans fight.
Bruins and Coyotes fans fight.
Peter Blackburn/Twitter

On the bright side for fans of the team, the Coyotes won the game 4-3.


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