Fighting for visitors, Iowa mayor shows off golf course, meat shop

In the world of tourism, competition can be fierce. That’s why one Iowa mayor has decided to take matters into his own hands and showcase the best his town has to offer.

Dan Lund, the mayor of Story City, Iowa, has been fighting to attract more visitors to his small town. And he’s found two unique ways to do it: by showing off the local golf course and meat shop.

Lund’s first tactic was to post pictures on social media of himself playing golf at River Bend Golf Course, a nine-hole course in Story City. He started with the hashtag #MayorGolf, and it quickly caught on. People began sharing their own golf photos, and before long, Lund had attracted attention from golfers all over the state.

But Lund didn’t stop there. He also decided to promote the local meat shop, Story City Locker. In a video he posted on Facebook, Lund touted the shop’s award-winning bratwurst and encouraged visitors to stop by and try it for themselves.

Lund’s efforts have paid off. Visitors have started coming to Story City to golf and check out the meat shop, and Lund has even been invited to speak at a golf industry conference in Las Vegas.

But Lund isn’t satisfied yet. He’s still looking for ways to bring more visitors to Story City, whether it’s through promoting local businesses or highlighting the town’s history and culture.

In a world where big cities and tourist hotspots often dominate the tourism industry, it’s refreshing to see a small town mayor fighting for his community. And if his efforts continue to pay off, we may see more small towns taking a page from Lund’s playbook and finding creative ways to attract visitors.

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