Finance big and gal pal accused of racial harassment by nannies

A legal complaint alleges. High-flying financial equity manager Ian K. Snow of Racial harassment and discrimination.

Snow and his “significant other” Elise Dolla – who apparently goes by Elise Snow even though Snow has not yet legally divorced another woman – are being sued by Cordia Foster and Cicelyne Wright, who The couple had a nanny for their four children.

Snow, meanwhile, claims in court documents that Foster “threatened to use ‘black magic’ on Miss Dolla.”

One of the explosive allegations in the nannies’ complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York is that, in January 2020, Doula allegedly took Foster and Wright after the family’s kitten, Scotty. was called “that black dog”. , ran outside his Long Island mansion.

The suit also alleges that, after Wright questioned Dolla about what she allegedly said, Dolla and Snow “began to treat. [Foster and Wright] as unfaithful troublemakers who might steal from them.

In May 2020, the complaint alleges, Snow — who runs the VC and equity firm Snow Phipps Group, which $2.4 billion in assets — and Doula was preparing to move her four children and nannies “into the newly built servants’ quarters, separate and apart. [the] Main house in the Hamptons. As the project neared completion, Foster reportedly listened [Dula] Say, ‘I’m glad to get those dirty Jamaicans out of my house.’

Snow and Dolla share a home in Oyster Bay, LI, where nannies Cordia Foster and Cisyln Wright are employed.
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Ian K. Snow, CEO of Snow Phipps Group, and his “significant other,” Elyse Dula, have been accused of racial harassment and discrimination by the family’s two former nannies.
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Foster, who started working for Snow and Dolla in August 2017, is from Jamaica, as is Wright, who was hired in November 2018.

About three weeks after the alleged “dirty Jamaican” comment, Snow and Doula cut the nannies’ pay in half, according to the complaint. [alleged] Attempting to get the plaintiffs off the job, the plaintiffs were then allegedly “papered over the kitchen window of the new servants’ quarters” so that the women could not see out.

“The defendants deny all allegations and we will vigorously contest it,” attorney Gerard Riso, who represents Snow and Dolla, told The Post. The couple also denied all allegations in a proposed joint pretrial order filed on December 16, 2022.

Although he’s raising children with Elise Dolla, aka “Elise Snow,” Snow is still married to his legally estranged wife Mary Snow (above).
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In the proposed joint pretrial order, the defense countered that Dolla “never made those words or any other derogatory or racist comments”.

A lawyer for Foster and Wright did not comment on the post.

In August 2020, Foster and Wright were “terminated simultaneously without reason or explanation,” according to the complaint.

Snow and Dolla maintain in a proposed joint pretrial order that the termination was entirely within their rights as employers — and that Foster allegedly “threatened to use ‘black magic’ on Miss Dolla.” ” The order also alleges that the nannies used a “windowless service closet” for “time out” for the children. But Foster and Wright claim that “when they put the babies on time-out, it was in accordance with the doula’s instructions . . .”

According to the proposed joint pretrial order, Snow and Dolla allege that the bottom of the nanny’s window was covered with “translucent window film” to “protect privacy” because the window faced “the defendants’ bedroom.” was, including the dressing area.” As for the pay cut, Risso wrote, “Defendant Snow believed he was being overpaid for Plaintiff’s services. His performance would have deteriorated rapidly. was going

In 2020, Snow set a record when he leased the Hamptons' most expensive summer rental (above), paying $2 million for the March through Labor Day season.
In 2020, Snow set a record when he leased the Hamptons’ most expensive summer rental (above), paying $2 million for the March through Labor Day season.
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Snow set a record in 2020 when he leased it. Hamptons’ priciest summer rental for $2 million March through Labor Day.

This isn’t Snow’s only legal dispute. He and his estranged wife, philanthropist and socialite Mary Snow, are in the midst of a contentious divorce that has lasted nearly five years. An insider said Maryam was not happy to learn that the complaint and proposed joint pretrial order state that Doula is also known as Snow.

“Mary thinks it’s incredibly awkward,” the insider told the Post. “It’s incredibly upsetting for her to realize that her husband is naming another woman before the divorce is settled.”

At any rate, in the proposed joint pretrial order, it was stated that Foster and Wright had violated Dolla and Snow’s “trust and faith, an essential and non-negotiable component . . . [for] Any person, of any color or ethnic makeup, to care for their young children.

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