First lady Jill Jo is reportedly ‘all in’ on Biden’s 2024 re-election bid

After initial skepticism, First Lady Jill Biden is “all in” on her husband’s bid for another four-year term, according to a new report Thursday.

Earlier this fall, 71-year-old Jill Biden was described as “not in favor” of President Biden, 80, running for re-election, but after last month’s midterm elections, Democrats retained control of the Senate and only narrowly had changed his point of view in the circle. He lost his majority in the House, This was reported by CNNciting seven people familiar with the first lady’s thinking.

Jill Biden is now fully engaged with a possible 2024 campaign, despite what one source described as “exhausted” from weeks of high-profile appearances at White House events.

Despite the difficulties, the same source told CNN that the first lady has “started to speak loudly” about her husband’s potential re-election.

The Biden family was supposed to discuss the president’s plans for 2024 over Christmas, but CNN reported that not all relevant family members would be in the same place at the same time, complicating the discussions.

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden sign the Respect for Marriage Act at the White House on Tuesday.
AFP via Getty Images

Joe Biden has not officially announced his plans for re-election, but an adviser to the first lady said he intends to run, which “Dr. Biden and his family fully support.”

But while the president has the support of his family, voters may have other ideas.

A poll released Tuesday found that 58 percent of Americans oppose Biden running in 2024, with 42 percent citing his age as the main reason.

President Biden spoke at the White House on Tuesday at the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.
President Biden spoke at the White House on Tuesday at the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Biden, the oldest person to hold the office, will be 82 at his second inauguration and will be 86 by the time he leaves office in 2029.

The talk of his age has been a sticking point for Biden, who has “told allies” about it.

– Do you think I don’t know how old I am? According to Politico, a frustrated Biden lashed out at an acquaintance earlier this year.

A CNN poll was released on Wednesday Also, 59 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said they would prefer someone other than Biden to run in 2024, while 28 percent said they have no clear candidate. .

The first lady is still worried about whether her husband of eight years will be able to handle the grueling presidential campaign, the report said.

“[Jill Biden] It’s more about how the last few years have affected Joe,” a person close to the family told CNN. “We — collectively, as a country — we all know the issue of age, of course. But he is someone who can constantly analyze it.

But a senior administration official said Jill has “zero concerns” about the president’s stamina.

But the debate over Biden’s presidential legacy has brought up the issue of age, and Jill Biden wants her husband to be remembered for his accomplishments, not his age.

“He’s not sure if four more years will help or hurt,” said one acquaintance.

The official announcement is expected after the beginning of 2023.

“The president will decide on this. I am waiting for it after the holiday,” said the head of the White House Ron Klein said in the Wall Street Journal summit this month. “Hopefully his decision will be to go through with it.”


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