Ford to announce new details on Ontario’s Vaccine Certificate Program


TORONTO – Ontario Premier Doug Ford will announce this morning about the provincial vaccine screening program.

Ford’s announcement is scheduled for 11am and he will be joined by Health Minister Christine Elliott; Co-minister of digital government, Khalid Rashid; And the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Kieran Moore.

Ford will provide an update on the Ontario Enhanced Covid-19 Vaccine Certification and Verification Op.

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On Thursday, the Ontario government quietly launched its Kovid-19 Vaccine Verification App for businesses, which is available for easy download on Apple App Story and Google Play.

“It’s a business and corporation that scans the QR code, making it available to individuals,” Ford spokeswoman Ivana Yelich confirmed to CTV News Toronto on Thursday.

It is not necessary for individuals to download the App.

Also on Thursday, the sources of the Ford government’s resume plan told CTV News Toronto the government is working on a 3-step strategy that removes the capability of transactions requiring vaccine certificates.

The announcement is expected to be made after next week’s cabinet meeting.

As part of the “step-by-step approach,” the government says, until the province’s pandemic image improves, the government is looking at loosening mandatory evidence of vaccine regulations.

“[We are] Sources said the plan is likely to reach a point where vaccine certificates are no longer mandatory.

Although there is no timeline for implementing that phase of the project, the source added that the vaccine certificate program is still voluntary.

With files from Colin D’Mello of Toronto, CTV News.



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