Former #FreeBritney fans are now ‘deeply worried’ about Spears

Some fans of Britney Spears, who once decried her controversial conservatism, are now singing a different tune — and suggesting the pop icon may be too toxic for herself.

The 41-year-old singer is going from strength to strength messy and silly Instagram feed A former #FreeBritney follower told The Post that her downward slide on social media exposes a “clumsy excuse of a mother” who could have turned ugly without intervention.

“I’m really worried,” said 33-year-old Lauren Mars. “Freedom can be very dangerous for someone who does not know how to manage life without control. We should have paid more attention to it [in calling for the end of Spears’ 13-year conservatorship]. Instead, we really wanted to release him without thinking about the consequences.”

Some fans of Britney Spears, who once condemned her controversial conservatism, are now chanting the opposite #FreeBritney – arguing the pop icon is too toxic for herself.
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Mars, who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has followed Spears throughout her tumultuous career, but blasted the singer for some of her “crazy” Instagram posts, including a recent one. nude bath photo with crude caption.

“Its content is disturbing and very confusing, irrational and crazy,” Mars continued. “It hurts my heart. If she also wants to be free from fans, she should just get off social media. Posting such content will do nothing but upset fans.”

Spears’ profile took a somewhat helpful but confusing turn over the weekend because she paid tribute to his divorced sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, 31, said she would “die” for both her sons in another message – after having previously attacked them on Instagram for their lack of support.

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Spears often posts topless photos of herself at the beach.

Such reports “break my heart,” said Britney fan and former #FreeBritney supporter Lauren Mars.

The singer also posted about how she would “die” for her sons – after previously attacking them on Instagram for not helping her.

“This looks like bad Google translate,” one commenter responded to this recent post.

When Spears praised her sister on Instagram last weekend – after previously calling her a “slut” and saying she should be slapped – followers were left confused.

“I would give anything to touch your face,” the singer wrote on Saturday alongside a photo of her 16-year-old son Jayden James. “I send my love… Mamacita.”

Spears also turned heads on Saturday another nude photothis time she was shown sprawled out on the beach with nothing but flower emoticons covering her chest.

“Come on hot girl momma… take the mic,” the caption reads. Compare a movie star and my husband… Talk over my head… WHAT MY FRIENDS!!!!”

Meanwhile, some observers say they will lose completely.

“This looks like a bad Google Translate,” one comment read.

“This is insane… sober or not,” another user wrote.

Spears married Sam Asgari after her 13-year conservatorship was terminated.
Spears married Sam Asgari after her 13-year conservatorship was terminated.

Mars, a public relations and advertising major, said he was impressed by Spears’ struggle to become stable on her own since being released from a 13-year conservatory last November. According to the court order, Spear’s father Jamie, his lawyers and After all, the “care manager” Oversees Britney’s professional and personal affairs, as well as her large estate – currently estimated at $70 million.

But it also meant that many decisions were made from itincluding those related to birth control, marriage, finances, and even leaving home to shop.

“I don’t think Britney will ever be able to live a normal, free life,” Mars said. “He doesn’t know how to break free or survive alone. It is very sad; very, very sad.”

While some #FreeBritney supporters are now concerned for the singer's well-being, others are fully defending her.
While some #FreeBritney supporters are now concerned for the singer’s well-being, others are fully defending her.
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A former “hardcore” Spears fan from Massachusetts says she once supported the #FreeBritney movement but now sees the issues from afar.

This led the 41-year-old single mother to open an Instagram profile – BritneyToxicStans — featuring “twisted attacks, threats and intimidation” against anyone who dares to criticize the superstar, popularized by Spears’ fans.

“I was under the impression that her rights were completely violated, that she was deprived of very basic things: coffee, driving a car, etc.,” the Cape Cod mother told The Post of Spears, a staunch conservative.

“When I heard his testimony, I was heartbroken and I followed every update, even going through the legal documents,” he said. “Until he is free. Then I started to see the signs.”

The disgruntled mother, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals from Britney’s rabid supporters, accused Spears of refusing to take responsibility for a “very real role” that sparked conservatism: the 2008 deal, a a series of high-profile crises and a breakup with Britney. Kevin Federline a year ago, a leader bitter child custody battle.

“She needs medication, guidance, support, healing and parenting classes,” said the Cape Cod critic. “What he’s doing is traumatizing his children and blaming everyone but himself for their pain and danger.”

Fan Sue Sweeny said she's worried Spears isn't paying enough attention to how her jaw-dropping posts are affecting her teenage sons.
Fan Sue Sweeny said she’s worried Spears isn’t paying enough attention to how her jaw-dropping posts are affecting her teenage sons.
Courtesy of Sue Sweeney
Lauren Mars, a former #FreeBritney supporter, said the singer’s Instagram posts were “disturbing and so confusing and illogical and maddening.”
Courtesy of Lauren Mars

Federline, 44, claimed in August Spears, whose relationship with Jaden and 17-year-old Sean Preston, has avoided mum for months, even skipping her June nuptials to fitness trainer/actor Sam Asgari, 28, the singer’s third marriage. Couple tied the knot Spears’ sprawling mansion in Thousand Oaks, California was home to her parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, as well as her younger sister, Jamie Lynne.

K-Fed also claimed that their sons wanted Spears to tone down her risqué Instagram profile, saying it was “hard” for them to stomach.

“But what did he do instead?” asked the Cape Cod mother. “He doubles up on his naked clothes and continues to taunt them as he walks around on the coin. A gross excuse for a ‘mom’ in my humble opinion.”

Followers expressed their confusion and concern over several of Spears' posts.
Followers expressed their confusion and concern over several of Spears’ posts.

The singer’s latest lewd look has also caught the attention of Spears fan Sue Sweeney, who lives in Sarasota, Florida, and believes there should be no legal restrictions on the “controversial” artist who has been released. Still, with Spears’ teenage sons in mind, Sweeney, 56, suggested she be cautious rather than bold.

“Sometimes you have to think about the future … just like your sons view of you as a mom,” Sweeney responded to Britney’s post, prompting more than 2,400 users to agree.

“It’s respectful to keep pictures/WORDS/statements like this OFF the internet so their friends don’t torture them,” Sweeney continued. “I love you lady, love your creativity and your free spirit… but it’s not good for them.”

Fans, including the Dublin twins, have come from around the world to support Spears at her conservatory audition in November 2021.
Fans, including the Dublin twins, have come from around the world to support Spears at her conservatory audition in November 2021.

Sweeney told The Post he supports free speech, but said parents also have a “moral responsibility” to protect their children’s mental well-being. Healing can be a messy process, he added.

“Believe it or not, I think her posts are her way of understanding what happened to her,” Sweeney said. “He needs freedom of choice and he deserves it. My main concern was his sons, but that’s up to him.

More than 2,400 other followers agreed after fan Sue Sweeny responded to Spears’ post with the comment, “Sometimes you have to think about the perspective of your sons as a mother.”

Decades after signing her first record deal at just 15 and constantly dominating the tabloids, Spears’ collective pain is palpable, Sweeney said.

“There’s a lot of pain in this family and all their feelings are real,” he said. “Britney is running her world the best she can right now.”

Mars, a lifelong fan of Britney’s from Belfast, suggested that the peacock pop star should leave Hollywood behind to start a path of self-sufficiency and personal growth.

“If someone can go to Britney and get her away from everything, if she’s surrounded by good people, she might be fine,” Mars said. “But I still think she’s always going to be dependent on someone, I don’t think Britney will ever be independent… I’m really worried; I see something is wrong.’


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