Former Nick Eamon Shumpert, ‘DWTS’ is a completely different kind of reputation


Iman Shumpert said the basketball player’s reputation as appearing on reality shows is completely different.

Schumpert, the former Knicks and Nets guard, is competing in the final of “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday night (8 pm, ABC). He has appeared in E! Reality series, “We Got Love Teyana and Iman,” with his wife, singer Teyana Taylor, and his daughters, Juni and Roo.

Iman Shumpert and Daniela Karagach on “Dancing with the Stars.”
ABC by Getty Images

“I don’t think basketball is fame,” Schumpert told the Post. “Basketball is more – I don’t know how to explain it. One fan cares about your wife and another fan doesn’t. Other fans care if their team wins. That’s the biggest difference for me.

“In basketball, it’s more like ‘Have you guys won? It’ll decide whether I like you until the next game.’. People love your story with ‘Dancing with the Stars’. As a person, as a person, they fall in love with you. I think ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has done a great job of promoting me as a father and husband and it’s one of the most relatable things in the world. Reputation is more personal in this respect.

“Dancing with the Stars” audiences will see the final product that Schumpert and his dance partner Daniela Karagach put together on Monday night, the preparation hardly stops. Come Tuesday morning, they are practicing again.

“We practice all week, Shumpert said.” On that Tuesday morning, Daniella already had a dance (graffiti) for our next dance and we were already practicing. It’s three-hour blocks at a time. I definitely value the work more. Looking outside, you’re like, ‘That’s cool, they dance. That’s fun‘. You have to be a part of the job and see how long it takes to nail some of these things, how hard it is to nail dance, but be on the same beat.

Iman Shumpert played for the Knicks in 2014.
Iman Shumpert played for the Knicks in 2014.
NBAE by Getty Images

As they swirl around on “Dancing with the Stars,” Schumpert is looking forward to promoting his upcoming hip-hop album, “This Car Stolen.” The The first single There is a song “Outside” on the record.

“It’s one of those songs that inspires a good time and helps you get out of the house and enjoy people and sociality,” said Schumpert, who spent the first four seasons of his career with the Knicks after being selected in the first round. The 2011 NBA Draft.

“Wherever we are, we have had that job for a long time InsideBecause of COVID, and nobody was allowed to do anything. When we start to bring things back to normal, we want to change that phrase with the feeling of ‘we’re out, we’re out there to handle the altercation’ and make sure it goes out and has a good time. . Pulling on the cookout. Enjoying your friends. Hearing the song became a vibration.

To vote for Schumpert on “Dancing with the Stars,” viewers can send IMAN a message 10 times to 21523 after the show opens Monday night.



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