‘Friends’ dominates the most watched Thanksgiving themed episodes


It is not uncommon for popular television programs to touch the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving is one of the most featured holidays, with characters battling tense dramas and witty antics.

This year, USDish Compiled a list of the most searched Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes using viewer numbers and IMDb data.

Not surprisingly, the beloved sitcom tops the “Friends” list but dominates it, earning 10 out of the top 15 slots.

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According to USDish, “The One with the List” is the most sought-after Thanksgiving episode.

This is the eighth episode of the second season, Ross joins Chandler and Zoe to decide which of the two women in his life – including Rachel – he finally wants to be with.

Meanwhile, Monica struggles with the synthetic chocolate replacement after getting a new job, writing a song about Phoebe Ross’ love triangle, and finding Rachel’s pros and cons, putting their future together on thin ice.

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Number 2 on the list goes to the “Seinfeld” episode “The Mom and Pop Store”, which tries to figure out if Jerry is invited to his friends’ annual pre-Thanksgiving party, but Kramer works to save the small business and Elaine Mr. McGee to participate in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Allowing for Pitt.

“The Friends With” The “With One List” is the most watched Thanksgiving-themed television episode for every USDish.
(Robert Eisenberg / NBCU Photo Bank / NBC Universal Photo by Getty Images via Getty Images)

“Friends” followed by “The One with the Football,” “The One with Chandler in a Box,” “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister,” “The One with the Rumor”. Takes list from 3-10. “The One with the All Thanksgiving,” “The One Where the Underdog Gets Away,” “The One with the Late Thanksgiving” and “The One Where Thanksgiving High.”

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No. 11 is “Thanksgiving Decoupling” from “The Big Bang Theory”.

“Friends” is again No. 1 with “The One Where Chandler Dogs Like Dogs.” Appears as 12.

The list of “Pilgrim Rick” from “House I Met Your Mother” to “Belly Full of Turkey” and “This Is Us” is complete.

“The One with the List” Rachel and Ross’ relationship sees an early hit.
(Robert Eisenberg / NBCU Photo Bank / NBC Universal Photo by Getty Images via Getty Images)

USDish collects data on each state’s most-searched TV show on Thanksgiving, with “Friends” being the top search in 18 states, including California and Texas.

“This Is Us” has dominated 15 states, many in the South and Midwest. “Seinfeld” (9) and “The Big Bang Theory” (6) took the spray of the states, but “House” was highly sought after in Alaska and Washington, DC

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New York is the only state where “How I Met Your Mother” is the most-explored show.


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