Full-body orgasm without touching? The new Goop Show explains how

Full-body orgasm without touching?  The new Goop Show explains how

It’s explosive.

Having orgasm with your honey is no longer limited to hot, naked sex – now a couple can climax together when fully clothed.

And the sexy synchronized surge is thanks to each partner’s specific “energetic erotic blueprints.”

“[It’s like] Power before the expectation of a kiss, ”somatic sexologist Jaiya told The Post.

She and her sexually aroused trademark “Blueprints” appeared in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series “Sex, Love & Goop,” which premieres Thursday – just weeks after launching her brand Libido Booster product.

“In anticipation [of a kiss] There’s a lot of hype and turn-ons, “Jaiya said.” And basically, we’re playing it, not touching. ”

In episode 2 of the show, Jaiya describes five main ways people feel aroused: expectation (“powerful”), engagement of all senses (“sensual”), traditional sexual imagery (“sexual”), taboos (“kinky”) or all of the above (” Shape change ”), type Inside review of the upcoming series.

According to Netflix, the show is about “courageous couples” who “embark on a journey towards more pleasurable sex and deeper intimacy with the help of Gwyneth Paltrow and a team of experts.”
Courtesy of NETFLIX

She and her partner Ian show how understanding and connecting with your lover’s different sexual vibe can inspire simultaneous, whole-body orgasm on the show.

“I don’t want people to think I’m cheating,” Jaiya said as she glared at Ian and made her lie down on the table to make a weird peak in public.

The pair showed off their lust in front of the Daman and Erica couple who were seeking spicy sex.

After Jaiya settled in, Ian put one hand on her hip and the other at the heart and proceeded to “ground” her. He wrapped his arms around the sexologist’s body, interacting with her aura.

And the non-physical stimulation accelerated Jaiya’s breathing and caused her body to arc in rhythm with Ian’s movements.

Then she trembled and looked like she was experiencing a full body orgasm.

Next, Jaiya and Ian went for a double bubble – but this time things got physical. Still fully clothed, Jaiya rests her legs around Ian’s waist and she sits down.

“Sex, Love & Goop” debuts on Netflix on Thursday.
Courtesy of NETFLIX

“Before, I was going to run the force on my cryptocurrency so I’m getting a little diversion,” Jaiya said. “You can’t be in or have sex with it, and then we can start moving in together.”

Once receiving a spiritually attached sweetheart, they synchronize their breathing, which grew faster and more intense.

Suddenly the two stopped breathing, lowered their heads and trembled at the orgasm of harmony.

“If you can really rise to the spiritual, emotional and physical level with your lover, the jackpot



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