Full Cold Moon: When You Can See the Last Full Moon of 2022 Across America

Get ready, Earthlings! December’s full moon shines on Wednesday.

The “Cold Moon” will be full after 11:00 PM EST, and you’ll have a little more time to look at it since daylight saving time ended last month. This event is also known as the “long night moon” or “the moon before Yule”.

What is a cold moon?

The full moon takes a high trajectory across the sky as it opposes the low sun. According to NASA, the moon will be further from the horizon than at any other time of the year.

According to NASA, the coldest month gets its name because it gets really cold in December, even though our coldest average temperature is in January.

“The long-night moon gets its name because the full moon in December occurs near the solstice, which has the longest night of the year,” NASA said.

Europeans call the full moon in December the “moon before Yule,” named after the ancient Northern European winter festival Yule, now associated with Christmas.

A cold moon rises behind Monte Prena in Italy’s Gran Sasso National Park at sunset, Dec. 19, 2021.
NurPhoto via Getty Images

“Alexa, create a new note”

If you miss an event, there are other astronomy events you can set your FOX Weather app to remind you of.

Mars It will return on Thursday when it will be at its closest point to Earth in two years. However, when talking about the vastness of space, proximity is relative. Mars would still be at its closest distance, 38.6 million miles away.

This will be the best view of the red planet in two years since the Mars opposition last occurred in October 2020.


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