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Wellsbury Peaches has made its way onto Netflix’s most popular English TV chart.

Heading into its fifth week on the Netflix top 10 list, season 2 of “Ginny & Georgia” was watched an additional 38.09 million hours, bringing the title’s total to 504.77 million hours watched. This puts the series at number 10 on the streamer’s list of most popular TV titles. From January 30 to February. 5 Viewing Window, the show’s sophomore season, ranked second on the chart.

Coming in at No. 4, Season 1 (which also entered the list of most popular English TV in 2021) maintains its place in the top 10 for a fifth week with 22.5 million additional hours watched.

The first place is “Lockwood & Company”. In its first nine days of availability on the streamer, the series had 39.42 million hours watched since its debut on January 9. Starring Robbie Stokes, Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji-Hishmati, the extraordinary drama follows three teenagers as they team up as paranormal investigators, risking their uncovering of a diabolical conspiracy. To disclose.

“Wednesday” moved to third place on the list with 28.23 million hours watched in its 11th week on the Top 10 chart. That’s a slight drop from last week’s 35.86 million hours — still, it’s a solid performance for the Jenna Ortega-led series that proves its staying power.

Season 2 of “Vikings: Valhalla” landed at No. 6 on the chart, right between “New Amsterdam” seasons 1 and 2, with 14.84 million hours watched in the top 10 in its fourth week. It fell to the bottom of the list, managing 9.37 million hours watched during the viewing window — tied with “New Amsterdam” Season 2 — placing it eighth on the list. The figures are staggering given that Netflix recently renewed the reboot for Season 2 last week.

“Freeridge” opened on the chart at No. 9 after its February 2 premiere. In its first four days of availability, the “On My Block” spin-off achieved 8.27 million hours of viewing. The new show follows a small group of four teenage friends, as they work to reverse a curse after a strange old box seems to bring bad luck into their lives.

Notably, this week marks the premiere of “New Amsterdam” seasons 2 and 3. The latter episode recently joined the streamer on February 1 and is at number 10 on the chart with 7.91 million hours watched.

On the movie side, Jonah Hill and Kenya Bearss’ “You People” is Netflix’s most-watched title overall this week. After a promising opening, during which the celebrity-studded comedy clocked 55.65 million hours, the film clocked another 65.61 million hours during the viewing window.

Check out Netflix’s top 10 lists for the week of January 30-February. 5 below, starting with English-language series, followed by English-language movies, non-English-language TV shows, and then non-English-language movies.

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