Google IO 2023 AI announcements in search, images and more

Google’s annual developer conference, Google IO 2023, was held last week, and the company unveiled a series of new AI-powered features and updates for its products, including search, images, and more.

One of the key highlights of the conference was the announcement of an AI-powered search engine that will provide more relevant results to users. The new search engine will use machine learning to understand the intent behind users’ queries and deliver results that are more personalized and contextual. Additionally, Google will be adding new features to Google Lens, its visual search engine, including the ability to identify objects in photos and suggest similar products for purchase.

Google also announced several new AI-powered features for Google Photos, including a new “Memory Mix” feature that will automatically create a personalized video with photos and videos from users’ collections. The new feature uses machine learning to create a unique video with music and effects that match the user’s preferences.

In addition to these updates, Google also unveiled new features for Google Maps, including the ability to use augmented reality to help users navigate indoors. The new feature, called “Live View,” will use AR to show users exactly where they are in a building and provide directions to their destination.

Overall, Google’s AI announcements at IO 2023 show the company’s continued focus on using machine learning to provide more personalized and intuitive experiences for its users across all of its products.

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