GREG GUTFELD: Media wants to ‘erase race, but just this once’

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Happy Monday, everyone. So everyone condemned the footage of Tyree Nichols’ beating death by five black police officers, including Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Finally, unity. This is the biggest deal since Stephen Colbert decided not to be funny. But I’m glad we’re finally talking about black-on-black crime. Of course, this includes the police. You know the line. If it bleeds, go to it. It only works if it leads to cops and maybe a great white shark. It helps that they are white.

But these are not five officers. Can they still be racist? It’s hard to say because he and the victims are black. And so it presents a problem for the left, which hates the police but doesn’t want to put black criminals in prison. So what do you do next? Well, you erase the race, but only once.


Whoopi Goldberg: When will the brutality finally lead to some police reform from the ground up? Because frankly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a white cop or a black cop. This is the problem of the police and the police themselves.

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So race doesn’t matter now. Well, what if it didn’t matter before and you just thought it happened because the media only focused on it? And now maybe this whole episode was showing you that by eliminating race as a variable, you see the real reasons. It has to be good, right? OK, hold on. Because you still need your dose of racism. And now it’s about who trained them. translation White people. It has to happen. I mean, hell, even Mike Tyson was trained by a white man.

So there you have it, race baiters. Someone else must have taught them to behave this way. Systemic racism for the win. Von Jones writes on the CNN website that black people are not immune to black messages. He blames “self-loathing,” which is bound to happen if you end up writing for CNN. I’m sorry, Van. But he contends that blacks have been socialized into departments that view neighborhoods as war zones, a place where the rule books don’t apply. So black youth are more apt to single out black men for abuse. But the problem here is the “single out”. Were there more choices than black in this neighborhood? maybe not. It’s like bragging that you bought something at the dollar store for a buck.

So if all these choices for black cops are black only, it’s not a race. Just like it wasn’t about the race of many of these other cops. But while this latest crime tells you it’s not about race, Vaughan still says, hang on. Quote, “It’s hard to imagine five police officers of any color beating a white man under similar circumstances.” Well, you have to imagine it because no one will cover it. The reality is that we have just as many unarmed white boys killed. They don’t just hype them up and release them again and again like a movie.

So, what if whites train blacks to hate other blacks in order to make other blacks beat other whites? If they can call blacks Larry Elder Uncle Tom, I’ll say yes. But the reality is that minority officers are more likely to shoot minorities, and some statistics suggest a greater likelihood. And why? Well, they happen more frequently, more frequently and more deliberately in this neighborhood. It’s their job to be there. This is where most arrests are made and where most encounters, violent or otherwise, take place. But let’s not let white racism die either. It’s what brings us everything from Kamala Harris to Jean-Pierre.

White racism refuses to judge blacks the way we judge whites. This is called the “soft bias of low expectations” by GW Bush. But I don’t think there’s any softness in it. This is straight up racism, hidden behind a mask of cowardice. It’s low quality everywhere. It pushes people into undeserved positions, ignoring better candidates with training, experience, etc. You make life less safe than justice. From crime-fighting units to the military, the standards for filling positions are low. Well, except for the NBA. But if you make it too white, you’ll be lowering the quality of the game.

We predicted that as the police became more discredited and many retired, others would simply leave for more lucrative private gigs. So who will take that job? Well, whatever applies. They are less selective than when I was single. So what if the Scorpion group, a newly formed police group that killed Mr. Nichols, was recruited on merit alone? Have you seen the same result? who knows Probably. Perhaps the five policemen had different skills and temperaments and experience. You know, diversity where it counts and not just for show.

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