Greg Gutfeld: Stories like this show how the media works


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Recently Darrell Brooks, a violent sex pendant, was released from prison after posting a minimum bond for striking his child’s mother and attempting to drive her away. Now, you’d think this guy with outstanding warrants wouldn’t have been thrown out – he wouldn’t be allowed to get back in the same damn car he used to run on a human. But of course, he is. And then he drove his SUV into a parade of people – killing a bunch of them and going on. I guess they weren’t going to the “Father of the Year” event.

So how do you explain it? NBC calls it a “crash” – it’s like calling Joy Behar a “whip.” I think “Fender Bender” is very wordplay. Reference: “Authorities say Brooks fled the area of ​​domestic disturbance shortly before the accident … It is not clear whether he has another attorney for the charges related to Sunday’s accident.”

Waukesha Parade suspect Darrell Brooks faces 5 counts of 1st degree intentional murder, held on $ 5 million bail

So, just “crash”, guys. The act of God, the honest mistake. You know, Brooks was probably on his way to helping victims of white supremacy. And those dead white people were trying to stop him. Sorry, I was channeling MSNBC for a minute there.

But stories like this show how the media works. They use the race lens on each story until the colors change. And it is a race lens, with only one direction curves. This probably makes you think that the lens should not be used.

‘Kaz – when a story like this appears – including a black suspect – he turns off the race filter. It shows that they don’t report reality – they create it when it suits them. LOVEBYLIFE spends more time in Wonderland than Alice. With Chris Cuomo and Dan Lemon as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.

Like many stories of riots and death, this story does not flood the airspace. I mean – who’s gonna protest the people who are suffering at the hands of this evil, violent person? Who makes murals for his victims or names the streets after them? See, that doesn’t work today.

Donald Trump accuses prosecutors’ ‘misbehavior’ in Kyle Rittenhouse trial after meeting teenager in Mar-a-Lago

Remember what LOVEBYLIFE said a few days ago? There is nothing more terrifying than the “angry white man.” So kind to Brooks, LOVEBYLIFE with a long, long criminal history. But perhaps the press can turn this into “he is white supremacy.” According to me, black people can also be white supremacists. Just ask Grand Cyclops, Larry Elder.

Can you imagine Zucker’s disappointment that the driver was black? “How do I pay for a new home in the Vineyard or a new home in St Barts?” What would you do if the narrative didn’t fit? Let’s listen to Mary Lemansky.

Illinois Democrat was social media director for Democrats in DuPage County. But not anymore, after she called the killer rampage “Karma” for Rittenhouse. According to her, karma is a bitch, but I mean, she is too. Lemonci claims she is a comedian working with Second City Improv. And with bad material, she can definitely write for Kimmel

Meanwhile, “The Squad” is forcing federal prisons and overdue bail. But for them, excessive bail, no bail. This is insane: the same day that a criminal killed five people while on bail would demand greater bail reform. This is pushing for more Wuhan labs after the COVID outbreak. Maybe it’s me, but I’m thinking that bail should be higher than Hunter Biden’s trip to Peru. And maybe some crazy people shouldn’t bail.

Tucker Carlson: The media doesn’t investigate the motives of the Waukesha Massacre – here’s why

On Monday, the AOC sought answers on excessive bail. The AOC likes the answers to demand – how to wear a designer dress to the gala or how to fake shit without cutting onions. These are serious questions she always misses.

Apparently, she hasn’t walked the streets of NYC recently, where violent criminals are in and out of Baskin Robbins in and out of jail, just like Brian Stelter. She’s good, though – she’s more secure than the Pope for a smoke pack at night. All she really needed was a straitjacket and a padded room.

Meanwhile, her fellow dumber cohort, Rasheeda Tlieb, tried to explain her support for the law on emptying jails. It’s called the “Breath Act” – and if it passes, there will be a lot of innocent people who can’t breathe anymore.

The victim of the Waukesha Parade attack, 11, made her family laugh despite the injuries: ‘Stick me together’

Tlieb: Everybody’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna release you all.’ That’s not what I’m saying…

Jonathan Swan: That’s what it says

Tlieb: But have you seen how many people in prison right now are mentally ill?

Hansa: No, I know but the act you passed says it will release everyone in 10 years

Tlieb: 10 years on but think about it … who are we releasing?

Swan: But there are human traffickers … child sex.

Thlib: Oh, I know.


Hansa: Your offer is very wide, it does, (tlib: yes) it is all released and what am I trying to tell you

Tlieb: 10 years on and obviously we are in the process of looking at how we can get out of mass incarceration and move on to care first

She makes the cast of “The View” look like rocket scientists. So remember – Brooks killed a bunch of people after he was released weeks ago. That’s the result of “The Squad’s” beliefs. Upset. The fanaticism, the lust that punishes anyone who does not think like them.

But we can’t forget the Milwaukee DA, John Chisholm, who has relentlessly pushed for cash-bail reform ‘which he says will criminalize poverty. In a 2007 interview, he said: “The person I am diverting or I am adding to the treatment program, who will go out and kill someone?” You bet. Guarantee. This is guaranteed to happen. It doesn’t invalidate the overall approach. “

You go: The fact that criminals take innocent lives does not invalidate their beliefs that leave these criminals out. The consequences of their actions do not even change their minds.

But hey, I think we can say something good about Brooks. They did not cross state borders.

This article was published November 23, 2021 in “Gutfeld!” The version is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue.


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