Groom reveals bride’s ‘horrifying’ secret during wedding toast

A groom has gone viral after exposing his new bride’s ‘appalling’ behavior during her wedding speech.

Ian Young decided to surprise his new wife Katie by telling the brutally honest story of how the newlyweds met while preparing their wedding toast.

The Scottish man’s speech was captured by their wedding photographers, Knoxland Films, who shared the clip on TikTok with the caption: “Groom reveals shocking fight with bride during toast.”

The video has racked up more than 1.6 million views since it was shared on Sunday, leaving many shocked by the “unexpected” recognition.

“I feel like I need to be a little more honest with you and Katie today,†Ian began as Katie looked confused at her new mate.

Newlyweds Ian Young shares the honest story of how he met his wife during a wedding toast.

“David said that we met for the first time at the cricket club, talked and kissed later that night.

“While that is true, we left a few bits in the way.â€

As the couple’s guests giggled wondering where Ian’s story would take them – Katie’s face turned red with embarrassment.

Ian then went on to “fill in the blanks”, revealing that they did indeed meet at the cricket club, but the night took a turn for the worse shortly after their first kiss.

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Photo of Katie Young at her wedding.

Bride Katie Young was stunned at her husband’s wedding speech.

Photo of Katie Young at her wedding.

The couple uploaded their wedding toast on TikTok.

“After that, I apologized for not having a conversation partner, and although he denies it to this day, he said to me: ‘Why don’t you take my number, we can meet another time.’ €™

“I was a little thirsty if you ask me, but I was so late with practice that I didn’t even get her number, and being the gentleman that I am, I went out to get us a couple of drinks.â€

However, when Ian returns to give her a drink, he finds Katie kissing another guy.

“Now I see, this is a very common occurrence for Kate,†he joked as laughter echoed through the room as Katie buried her face in her hands.

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Photo of Katie Young at her wedding.

According to Ian Young, the two met at a cricket club, but the night took a turn for the worse shortly after their first kiss.

Wedding guest photo at Ian and Katie Young's wedding.

The couple’s guests laughed, not knowing where the story was going.

Photo of Katie Young at her wedding.

When Ian Young returns to give Katie a drink, he finds her kissing another guy.

“In true fashion, I downed two drinks and got back on the dance floor.â€

He ended by joking that he was “still nervous about going to a bar and leaving Katie alone,” adding: “This marriage might be late tonight.

The response to Ian’s revelation on social media has been overwhelming, with many declaring they were “not expecting” the twist.

While many found Ian’s silly tale “funny”, others thought it was a “barbaric” move to “embarrass” his wife on their wedding day.

“Imagine filing for divorce at the party – it’s never a good idea to embarrass your wedding partner,†said one person.

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Photo of Katie Young on her wedding day.

Since its upload, the video has received over 1.6 million views and has been flooded with comments.

Photo of Ian Young on his wedding day.

While some found the husband’s trivia story “funny,” others thought it was an “embarrassment” for his wife on her wedding day.

Photo of Katie Young on her wedding day.

“Knows her well enough to know she’ll take it well. Great story,” one user captioned the video.

“Should he be sleeping on the hotel sofa?†commented another.

“The question is, are they still together?†one person asked.

Others declared the speech “brilliant” and many praised the “twist”.

“This is great,†she spilled the T, no more gossip,†said one.

“He knows her very well, she knows he will take it well. Great story,’ said another.

“I love it! Old Scotch jokes, and as they were meant to be!” said another.


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