Gun magazine, ammunition found in NY kindergartener’s backpack

A five-year-old student was found this week at an upscale New York elementary school with gun magazines and ammunition in his backpack, local authorities said Wednesday.

The disturbing discovery happened Monday at Porter Elementary School in Syracuse, the Syracuse Police Department told The Post.

“At the time it didn’t seem like the kid knew. [about the items]Lt. Matthew Malinowski said of the teenager, who is in kindergarten.

“The case is still active and the investigation is ongoing.”

The student’s backpack did not contain a firearm, only magazines and ammunition. According to NBC.

A gun’s magazine is the ammunition storage and feeder for repeated ammo. Some guns are attached models, but others can be removed and carried separately.

The Syracuse City School District did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Lt. Matthew Malinowski gave a statement to NBC about the disturbing incident.

The Syracuse incident comes exactly one month after a six-year-old boy shot his first-grade teacher at Richnick Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia.

The school’s assistant vice principal, Dr. Ebony Parker, later resigned amid allegations that administrators failed to address three reports of an armed student on the day of the shooting.

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