Guy Ritchie abandons all of his favorite tricks in this deadly serious trailer for The Covenant

Guy Ritchie has a certain sense of style that he likes to bring to his films, which are usually full of fast, bombastic action that usually focuses on him. Very brash Gangsters or cops or spies shooting people and blowing stuff up. That was like the whole appeal of his 2019 film. Gentleman, in which a sprawling cast of criminals taunt and beat each other. He made an even finer point on this. Operation Fortune: Cunning Wara more heavily comedic action film that seems to push past self-parody and dive into straight-up self-mockery (the film’s release was quietly delayed last year, presumably because the bad guys were in Ukraine). are thugs).

But with this trailer The Testament of Guy Ritchie (that’s the official title), we don’t know what to think. If his name wasn’t literally in the title, we’d have no way of guessing that it was made by the man whose major contribution to the Sherlock Holmes canon was “What if he’s smart enough to do it?” can Fight very well? For one thing, it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, who is. no Cockney of course. For another thing, it mainly takes place in Afghanistan, a place that isn’t London. Finally, there are No joke The trailer is so serious in this trailer that it would be highly inappropriate if anyone laughed!

The Testament of Guy Ritchie | The official trailer

The Testament of Guy Ritchie Gyllenhaal is portrayed as a soldier whose life is saved in Afghanistan by an interpreter (Dar Salem), whose decision to heroically save Gyllenhaal backfires. Once he is safe at home, Gyllenhaal realizes that saving his life will put the translator’s own life in danger, so he goes back to Afghanistan to try to save her. It doesn’t sound fun, or cool, or British, but it does Guy Ritchie is named in the title.

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