Harry Kane has called for ‘strong sanctions’ following allegations of racial abuse against England players


After a class of fans were accused of racial abuse over two England players, England captain Harry Kane has called for Hungary to face ‘strong sanctions’ from FIFA.

Gareth Southgate’s team is in action for the first time since losing in the Euro 2020 final against Italy in July 2020, as they faced Hungary in the World Cup qualifier.

The fear that visiting fans of the home would induce visiting players to take a knee was in front of the game, which would definitely play out.

After the match there were allegations that both Sterling and Jude Bellingham had been subjected to racist abuse, with the sounds of monkeys being made at them.

Speaking after his team’s win, Kane called on FIFA hosts to come up hard. “We think UEFA is strong with their sanctions,” Tottenham Hotspur striker told Sky Sports.

“That’s all we can hope for.

England teammate Harry confirmed that the players had not listened to racial abuse and had only been informed by the media after the match.

The Manchester United defender also called the news ‘disappointing’ and called for fans to be punished in some way for their actions.

When fans were found guilty of homophobic and racist behavior at games in Budapest, Hungary was forced by UEFA to play their next three games behind closed doors.

However the ban was issued by the European governing body and last night’s game was a World Cup qualifier, overseen by FIFA.

The World Governing Council could decide to extend the ban to games, but unlike the player suspension, Hungarian fans cannot be banned until the UEFA Nations League begins again next year.

Hungary’s head coach, Marco Rossi, has called on the England players not to take a knee, apologizing to the players for their abuse.

England defeated the hosts 4-0 in the Sterling, Kane, Maguire and Declan Rice scoresheet to solidify the group’s top spot.

Three Lions top Group I with four points after four games, Poland and Hungary are five points behind seven.

They face Andorra on Sunday before heading to Poland on Wednesday. The team will continue their home game against Andorra next month and return with Hungary, ending in Albania and San Marino in November.



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