Harvard law professor falls for fake tweet suggesting governor’s child was ‘immaculately conceived:’ ‘WTAF!?’

Harvard law professor and Twitter liberal Lawrence Tribe has come under fire for a fake tweet purportedly showing a screenshot of Montana Governor Greg Gianforte announcing that his child is “out of control.” was pregnant”.

The fabricated screenshot, which was shared by a Twitter user, attributed to a tweet from the Republican governor’s official Twitter account, which read, “Like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my child is perfect. was conceived by, which gave me and my amazing wife Susan the ability to remain a virgin. #virginityrocks.”

While the tweet was immediately dismissed as fake in the comments section, Tribe, a well-known retired Harvard professor, seems to have missed the memo.

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Lawrence H. Tribe is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor of Constitutional Law Emeritus at Harvard University.
(Headshot courtesy of Lawrence Tribe)

“WTAF?!” The tribe tweeted with the photo on Sunday. “Is this an application for a nut case of the year award? Or the dumbest ad for IVF ever?”

Lawrence Tribkot tweeted a sarcastic tweet.

Lawrence Tribkot tweeted a sarcastic tweet.

The tweet was later labeled “fake” in an alert by Twitter, which concluded from a Reuters fact check that “no such tweet was published by Gov. Gianforte.”

“The governor did not tweet this absolutely ridiculous tweet,” Gianforte’s spokesman told Reuters.

Still, Tribe’s tweet remained on Twitter on Monday, providing plenty of fuel for his critics who slammed the professor for taking the fall for the ridiculous tweet.

“It’s really embarrassing that you fell for it,” Matt Whitlock, who works in Republican communications, told the Tribe.

“The joke’s on you — the tribe is not worth the embarrassment,” attorney Damon Toole responded.

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Eric Columbus, an Obama DOJ official and a litigator for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, urged the tribe to “please think twice before doing such nonsense,” noting that it ” Obviously a fake tweet.”

“What Eric said. You need to be better than that!” Journalist Dogman agreed.

Former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert asked, “Larry, do you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself?”

Tribe has taught at Harvard for more than five decades and has close ties to President Obama.

In a May 2018 interview with CNN, the Tribe Viewers warned That if they really want Trump impeached, they should “shoot to kill,” and focus on major abuses of power instead of minor incidents.

He later apologized for the comment.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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