HBO Max cancels Pennyworth, tragically cutting short the origin of Batman’s butler

Destroying millions of people on the planet, toiling in the dark without important background knowledge Of the man who makes Bruce Wayne’s bed and cooks his eggs.HBO Max announced tonight that it is being canceled. PennyworthOr, as it is. Known to the masses by its immortal subtitle.the original of Batman’s butler.

It is per deadlinewhich is reported to be the show’s third season, which aired last November, will be its last, ending a three-year run. How Alfred Pennyworth Finally came to expense She spends her days making funny small talk while her son Boss Bruce at night Clowns clowns, rather Why. The series starred Jack Bannon himself as Pennyworth, a former Special Forces soldier who finds himself involved with an American socialite. (and CIA agent) Thomas Wayne, played by Ben Aldridge. Duo (with Wayne’s event wife Martha, played by Emma Petz) coping with increasingly absurdist tactics in 1960s London, in a setting that was part period detective drama, part V for Vendetta riff, and partly the setup of a comic book universe where a snowman and a plant woman can regularly try to kill millions of people. (It was also technically a prequel. Gotham. Busy show!)

Pennyworth Originally launched on Epix, where it ran for two seasons before moving to HBO Max. (It also got a shiny new subtitle With an initiative to help Explain the whole premise of this.; You may have heard of it.) The show has been in recent weeks for Warner Bros. One of several live-action DC Comics shows to get the ax on Discovery is: Punishment patrol And The Titans All were similarly thrown off schedule recentlypossibly to make way A new and ambitious slate of projects Coming from the recently edited DC movies.

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