Here’s how to watch tonight’s Rams vs. Raiders game on Prime Video

Where ancient civilizations measured days, months and seasons by sunrise and sunset, we at The Post prefer to set our clocks to Prime Video’s NFL offerings. Another Thursday, another game of Thursday Night Football.

In tonight’s game, the 5-7 Las Vegas Raiders travel to their former home of Los Angeles to face off against the defending Super Bowl champion 3-9 Rams.

While the odds of the Rams making it two in a row seem less and less each week, there are still plenty of reasons to tune in to tonight’s game.

For starters, you can get another entry on the Raiders’ three-game (so far) winning streak, which has greatly increased their playoff chances (although they still have a ways to go).

But the biggest story is Baker Mayfield, who the Rams claimed off waivers this week after Super Bowl-winning QB Matt Stafford suffered a spinal contusion.

Can the Raiders continue their winning streak or will Baker Mayfield and the Rams pull off an unexpected upset? You should know that there is only one subscription.

Below, we break down how to watch, when to tune in, and what the game means for both teams’ playoff chances.

Here’s how to watch Thursday Night Football

Main video

Say it with me now: Thursday Night Football is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, free with a subscription or 30-day free trial.

In addition to every Thursday Night Football game, including pre-show and post-show coverage, a Prime Video subscription gives you access to the season’s biggest movies, including Harry Styles’ My Cop, and a huge slate of original series. including “Children”, “Periphery” and others.

In short: it’s a must-have, especially as we approach the end of the season. These games only take high stakes.

Watch Amazon prime video

When does the game begin?

As usual, today’s game starts at 8:15 EST, and if you’re interested in more analysis (but you’re not playing enough here), pre-game coverage begins at 7:00 EST on Prime Video?

Kick back and relax; We’ve got it figured out for you on Thursday night.

What can I expect from tonight’s game?

As we mentioned before, there’s a lot more up in the air about this game than just a perfectly thrown spiral. Here we have it, ranked from most to least important: Is Matthew Stafford out for the season? Will Baker Mayfield make his Rams debut? Can the Raiders win four games and improve their playoff chances? And finally, will the Rams snap a seven-game losing streak in this game?

The betting odds favor the Raiders, but anything can happen at home to the Rams. We’ll have to watch to find out, and there’s only one place to do it.


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