How Amber Rose talks to son Sebastian, 9, about OnlyFans and stripping

Amber Rose’s 9-year-old son, Sebastian, is “already” a feminist who knows about his mom’s fans-only account and stripper past.

The model explained to Emily Ratajkowski on Tuesday that she chooses to be transparent with her children because they “don’t learn” from her, they can learn on TikTok and Instagram.

“Your son, when he’s 5, will start Googling you and watching everything,” Rose, 39, said on the “High Love” podcast.

He noted that one of Sebastian’s classmates recently told him about his work on OnlyFans, where celebrities and influencers post NSFW photos and videos for a subscription fee.

“I had a whole conversation with him about it,” the video vixen recalled. “I said whoever said that, his parents are ignorant because he obviously got it from his parents.”

The 9-year-old girl is “already” a feminist.

Amber Rose's sons, Sebastian and Slash, sit on Santa's lap.

The 9-year-old girl is “already” a feminist.


Amber Rose attends a Reebok event with son Sebastian.

The 9-year-old girl is “already” a feminist.

Amber Rose's son Sebastian smiles on Santa's lap.

The 9-year-old girl is “already” a feminist.


Rose shared that she “just explained everything” to Sebastian, saying, “‘When it comes to women, you have to let women do what they have to do to support their families. Required.'”

The former talk show host told her son that “Mommy has to make money” to afford his “good school” as well as vacations and trips to Six Flags and Universal Studios.

Amber Rose poses in bed in a blue velvet dress.
Rose wants to “desensitize” Sebastian.

When one of his friends later attacked the OnlyFans creators during a car ride, Sebastian stood up for the women on the platform.

“‘Bro, you can’t say that,'” he said, according to Rose. “‘You have to let a woman do what she wants with her body. It’s not cool. You can’t do that.'”

Amber keeps her hand on her chest in a sullen manner.
“I just explained everything to him,” she said.

Reflecting on the overheard conversation, the SlutWalk organizer joked, “A tear rolled down my cheek. I was like, ‘That’s my king baby.’ I’ve had it in since birth.

Not only does Rose tell Sebastian that she used to undress to “desensitize” him to the occupation, but she also tells him about menstruation.

Amber Rose poses in a sheer, strapless black dress.
Gulab is also the mother of son Slash.
Film Magic

“Every time I use the bathroom. [since] My son was 2, 3 years old, he’d be like, ‘Mom, do you need a tampon? Do you need a pad, mom? I’ll go into a drawer and get it for you,” she said. “I have told him everything.”

Rose shares Sebastian with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, as well as a 3-year-old son named Slash with Alexander “AE” Edwards.

Amber Rose reluctantly turns off the camera.
She is co-parent with Wiz Khalifa and Alexander “AE” Edwards.

When asked about co-parenting on the podcast, Rose declined to comment on Edwards, who allegedly cheated on her with multiple women in 2021 before moving on with Cher last year. Admitted.

However, Rose said of Khalifa, 35, “With Wiz, it’s amazing. He’s one of my best friends. It’s so easy.”

As for having more kids, Rose’s answer to that question was a resounding “f–k no.”

He explained, “I’m done. … You can’t do anything good with boys, or just kids, [around]”

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