How to watch tonight’s TNF Seahawks-49ers game on Amazon Prime Video

Some people need a warm cup of coffee (or two) to wake up in the morning. Others recommend taking a cold shower. All we have to do to get out of bed on Thursdays is knowing that there’s another great NFL game on Prime Video that night.

That’s especially true today as the rivalry renews, with the division title on the line, with the 9-4 San Francisco 49ers facing off against the 7-6 Seattle Seahawks on the latter’s home field.

Tensions will be high at Lumen Stadium: In addition to the intense rivalry between the two teams, the NFC West title is also at stake. That’s not to mention Jimmy Garappolo is out for the season.

Can the Seahawks snap out of a slump (three losses in their last four games) and score against San Francisco, or can the 49ers cement their playoff spot and win the division title? There’s only one streaming service for you: Amazon Prime Video.

Below, we’ve broken down how to watch Thursday Night Football, when to tune in, and what to expect.

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The teams may change, but this deal remains the same – Thursday Night Football will be broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you want to watch, you’d better act fast; there are three more Thursday night games this season. Tonight, Jaguars at Jets and Cowboys at Titans next week to decide everything.

Until then, the biggest weekly event the NFL has to offer is free with a Prime subscription (or 30-day free trial). Get one now and get TNF, as well as Amazon’s huge range of movies and original series, including Periphery, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and Kids.

When does the game begin?

You can expect an 8:15 PM EST kick-off tonight at Lumen Stadium, but if you’re interested, the pre-game coverage on Prime Video starts at 7:00 PM EST.

What can I expect from tonight’s game?

Let me set the scene: Jimmy Garappolo was playing the best football of his career with the 49ers, and then: boom, he went out against the Dolphins with an ankle injury.

That means the 49ers have their third quarterback, Brock Purdy, previously “Mr. Irrelevant.” And what would you do if you were Purdy? How about a 35-7 loss to Tom Brady’s Buccaneers in your first full-game debut? Not too dim.

Now, Purdy will apparently start the rest of the season and bring his considerable talents to Seattle, where he will face Geno Smith and the Seahawks, who are just two games behind the 49ers.

The 49ers ran away with it the last time these teams met in September, but that’s ancient history now. Everyone loves today’s game, and there’s only one way to watch every great moment: Amazon Prime Video.

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