Howard Stern Covers Amy Robach-TJ Holmes Affair: ‘I Don’t See The Problem’

Shock jock Howard Stern addressed the media’s obsession with the love affair between “Good Morning America” ​​hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes on his SiriusXM show Monday.

According to Stern Daily Mail, “GMA” co-host Robin Roberts is “very upset” by the relationship between the married hosts of the third hour of the ABC morning show.

“I don’t know, I feel like once again, maybe I don’t see the problem here, but if these two work together and they want to fall in love, what can I do? Why would it be offensive to people?” , Stern told host Robin Quivers.

– So why are you talking about it? Elbows asked.

“Well, because people are saying they should be fired. I mean, really? Why are they fired? So someone said to me, “Oh, they should report this to HR.” And it’s a little unreal to me. In other words, at what point do you go to HR and tell them you’re moving on with one of your co-workers? Do you go, “Uh, oh, I’m hooked!” Stern said jokingly.

Howard Stern addressed the media’s interest in the story of the TJ Holmes-Amy Robach affair.
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Last week Daily Mail published many photos and videos The couple opened the floodgates to reports that their spouses were cheating on them.

A source close to the situation told The Post that ABC executives were unaware of the relationship, but network executives held “emergency meetings” last week regarding the blast report.

A source told Page Six that the romance began in March, when Robach and Holmes were together Training together for the New York Half Marathon.

Robach, 49 years old married to former “Melrose Place” actor Shue Since 2010, and 45-year-old Holmes married his wife, lawyer Marilee Fiebig, in the same year. On Friday, news broke that Robach and Shue were breaking up, as the anchor was spotted leaving her New York home.

Robach and Holmes were kicked off the air this week amid reports of their relationship.

During an editorial call on Monday, It was reported by TMZ Godwin told staff the case was an “internal and external distraction” and the duo would not be on air this week.

He said while the decision to pull the anchors was not an easy one, it was not a violation of company policy.

“So I want to say that while this relationship was not a violation of company policy, I have spent the last few days thinking and working on what I believe is best for the ABC News organization.”

He added: “That’s not what I’m going to talk about, we’re not going to talk about this call until we hear more about it. I’m asking you to stop whispering in the corridors. You know we can’t operate on gossip, speculation and rumours. “We have to focus on work.”

Amy Robach with her estranged husband Andrew Shu.
Amy Robach and husband Andrew Shue have split following devastating reports about her relationship with host TJ Holmes.
Getty Images
        TJ Homes (R) and Marilee Fiebig
TJ Holmes with wife Marilee Feibig at the 2012 BET Gala. Holmes reportedly began dating Robach earlier this year.

The manager concluded, “If you think there’s something management should know, you can always call HR or, as we say, talk to a manager you trust. If you think there’s anything we should know.”

An ABC News representative did not return requests for comment.


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