I can’t buy Christmas presents – so I tell my kids Santa isn’t real

This family does not have a holy, merry Christmas.

The mother of four children realized that she could not afford to buy gifts on this holiday, so she had to make her children’s dreams come true. He may have to reveal every parent’s secret: Santa isn’t real.

Rachel, whose children are under 10, explained her financial woes and gave herself an ultimatum to cut back on her grocery spending or pay her bills in a perilous “bill roulette”.

30-year-old – who Shares tales of young motherhood on TikTok asked online for advice, asking other parents how to keep the holiday spirit alive as all gift-buying costs go up in December.

“I just want to make my kids happy. I don’t want them to be embarrassed and you do everything as a parent. I’m always thinking of ways,” Rachel, who lives in Scotland and asked that her last name not be used for personal reasons, told Caters News. “It’s horrible before Christmas, it makes me physically sick. My daughter’s birthday is also Christmas. is about to, so I’ll do four Christmas shopping and my birthday shopping, and then I’ll feel like I’ve shopped five.

Rachel, 30, said she could reveal that Santa is absent.
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Rachel and her husband don’t even exchange gifts during the holidays – “everything goes to the kids,” she admitted.

“We are fighting an impossible battle,” said the distraught mother. “What do I do when the kids grow up and want more expensive clothes like their friends wear?”

She is often criticized by others who call her lazy and advise her to just get a job – but Rachel says childcare is too expensive for this struggling family.

Santa on a bike
If he can’t find a way to finance the gifts, the magic of Santa Claus is revealed to his children.
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“If my family would help me, I would go back to work. People say I sit in the back all day, but I’ve been a working mom and now I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I feel like I’m doing the work of 10 people,” she explained. “At least at work. I could sit down with a cup of tea.”

Once a manager at Samsung – where she earned cash for daycare and general living expenses – she quit when she had her second child when she saw how expensive childcare would become with multiple children. After crunching the numbers, Rachel realized that even with her salary, she could live on less than $100 a month after daycare and daycare.

“I can work 50 hours a week and I’m lucky [$61.26] It’s a month away, otherwise I could stay home and raise my kids in the same financial situation as someone else,” she said. “People think I don’t want to work, but I do. “Nobody in their right mind works 50 hours a week for nothing.”

Rachel, the youngest, who is only 19 months old, feels “trapped” and has to stay home all day because she is not old enough to go to school.

“We’re raising four children for the money we’re given to raise two children,” she said, with Universal Credit funding helping with living costs but only covering two children. “We survived! We play roulette with our direct debits, whoever comes to us first can get the money. Is it for gas and electric or car financing? “

According to Rachel, the housing crisis is taking a toll on her family of four.
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One child was from her husband’s previous marriage, one was from Rachel’s previous marriage, and the other two were together. But there is one thing – she was on birth control twice.

“But honestly, my contraception is nobody’s business. I hate people’s assumption that I shouldn’t have sent my kids out without money,” she said. “I don’t feel like I was made to just live and have fun. I have been sewing my own tights ever since.”

Online comments from people have been pouring in, with some criticizing Rachel for having too many children, others telling her to “work the night shift”.

She said she likes to work but can’t because of the cost of childcare.
@mamacameronx / CATERS NEWS

“People want to come up with solutions without thinking if possible. I’ve heard every solution under the sun,” he said. “I say to those who don’t understand, to those who have never been in this position, if I get a job, who will take care of my children? I can’t give them back or leave them at home.’

“If people lived in my life, I wish they would tell me where to get a job?” – he added.

The couple tried every trick in the book of saving money for a living, selling their phones for quick cash and buying cheaper groceries to save a few bucks here and there.

“I also go to charity shops and look on Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is selling useful things,” she said. “Getting something for free can be embarrassing, it’s like begging and it knocks your pride, but the stakes keep getting higher.”

During the holidays, her family feels the financial strain more than ever — even coupons and thrift shopping can’t brighten her season. If anything, he’ll need a Christmas miracle.

“I know I’m not alone in this situation and I know there are people out there who are worse off, but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,” she said. “When no one speaks up, nothing changes and people feel alone.”


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