I “coded” my “unfavorable” top: “Disney doesn’t like waists”

Apparently they didn’t like her Minnie blouse.

Angry Disneyland fans are flocking to TikTok to complain about House Mouse’s unfair dress code. In a recent one The video with 4 million views has been restoredA New Jersey woman claims she was declared the “Happiest Place on Earth” for wearing an innocent-looking top.

“When you dress up at Disney,” reads the caption of the event at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

In the clip, captioned ‘I don’t think Disney likes waists’, 20-year-old TikToker Jordin Graime can be seen checking out her slinky dress in a park.

He claimed to have hit the famous theme park quickly student at the University of Massachusetts with a “dress code” violation over her saucy ensemble.


I don’t think Disney likes the back… #epcot #disneyworld #disney #dress code #fyp #page for you @jessiedipasquale

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The softball player did not understand why she was arrested with a blouse. However, Disney World highlights this in their guidelines “We reserve the right to refuse or remove anyone wearing clothing that we believe is inappropriate or may disrupt the experience of other guests.

Unfortunately, the Fashion Police incident ended in a fairy tale: Per park policy at the time, Graime got a free Disney t-shirt to hide, otherwise it would cost him north of $20 for the clip.

The Post has reached out to Disney World representatives for comment on Graeme’s allegations. Meanwhile, the Jersey girl’s crimson caption sparked outrage among TikTok commenters.

“They’re like, ‘This is not suitable for children.’ No…? They don’t care. They want to go for a walk and talk with the heroes,” wrote one of the sympathizers.

“I’m sorry…. what?! As a married mother of three, I see no problem with this dress,” said another.

Others found Graime’s clothing essential for the humid Florida climate. “Y’all are acting like Disney isn’t 5000 degrees, her jacket was fine and appropriate for the weather in August,” one supporter shouted.

In the clip, captioned ‘I don’t think Disney likes waists’, 20-year-old TikToker Jordin Graime can be seen checking out her slinky dress in a park.
She claims she quickly beat up the University of Massachusetts student at the popular theme park for a “dress code” violation over her racy ensemble.

However, some naysayers sided with Disney: “Well…it’s a kid’s park…kids don’t need to see everything.”

Meanwhile, others have argued that Graeme’s pose will be flagged not for its obscenity, but because it could pose a safety risk. In accordance with the Disney guidelines mentioned aboveso-called hazardous clothing includes “excessively torn or baggy clothing that can drag on the floor and pose a potential trip hazard.”

Still, others gave the college student props for winning free clothes for her trouble. The House of Mouse seems to have ditched those offers, as influencers have started wearing NSFW clothing to parks in hopes of getting a free t-shirt.

In October, a TikToker’s attempt to game the system backfired after actors forced him to play it. purchase t-shirt.,


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