I decorated my Christmas tree with McDonald’s toys – my kids love it

A Florida mom on a shoestring budget is patting herself on the back for turning her kids’ old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys into Christmas decorations.

Rachael Harrison, 31, said she spent $15, or about the price of four Happy Meals, to change the little things using a small screwdriver, screws and black tape.

While some parents may balk at the cute decorations, Harrison says her kids, Madeline, 6, and Drake, 2, enjoyed the results.

“I’m very sentimental as a mom and I was cleaning out my kids’ toy box and it was like a light bulb went off,” Harrison told SWNS.

“I just thought, why not make them ornaments?”

Madeline and Drake chose Happy Meal toys, many of which Harrison said were Disney-themed. They were still allowed to hold magical objects.

The makeup artist recalled that one of her mother’s souvenirs was a small cat that lived in Madeline’s pocket.

“All of these toys were their favorites at one time and I like to keep them for memories,” Harrison said as he shared his wisdom.

He explained that he made rings with a screwdriver and tape so that the toys could hang from the branches. Both children reportedly have a small tree in their rooms. Of course they love the look.

Several of the toys were from McDonald’s Disney collections.
Rachael Harrison / SWNS
Simba Happy Meal Decorations
The Florida mom said all she needed for the project was a screwdriver, screws and black tape.
Rachael Harrison / SWNS
Harrison said she allowed her children to keep “sentimental” toys.
Rachael Harrison / SWNS

Harrison encourages other parents to try sustainable, non-perishable, super-cheap Christmas decorations.

“It’s very important to me to keep pieces of my children’s childhood,” she said.


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