I died for 40 minutes – it was a “magical” experience

A mother died for almost an hour – but she was brought back to life and is now sharing her ‘magical’ experience.

Kirsty Bortoft, 49, was found on her living room couch on January 29, 2021, with her eyes open but “lifeless,” according to her son-in-law Stu.

She’s off work for the day off and was expecting a romantic night out with Stu – but her fiancé is met with a terrifying sight.

Stu, 47, found his laptop upside down and closed on the floor and said his skin had “strange” hexagonal patterns and was a “dark red” colour.

He began to fear for her life, and soon she was hospitalized.

“He laid me on the floor and started CPR while on the phone with emergency services, and after hooking me up to various machines, the first responder used a defibrillator to get my weak heartbeat back into rhythm,” Bortoft recalled.

The mother-of-three stopped breathing and doctors tried to save her, but she was given less than a 6% chance of survival.

Kirsty Bortoft, 49, was found unresponsive in her living room by her husband Stu.
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Kirsty Bortoft
He said he had been dead for 40 minutes.
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Bortoft suffered another heart attack and was placed in a medically induced coma for safety.

“The night I was in A&E the team kept losing me and they decided to put me in a coma to stabilize my heart,” he told NeedToKnow.Online.

His family was told to “expect the worst”.

Kirsty's sons Ethan, Toby and Aspen.
Kirsty’s sons are Ethan, Toby and Aspen.
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As she passed out, an anxiety coach from North Yorkshire told her something “magical” had happened and she was soon “brought back to life”.

“Once I get a second chance at life, everything changes and I know I don’t have to fear death again.”

A meditation teacher has shared her “spiritual experience” online one TikTok video It got 469,900 views and 26,700 likes.


I’m dead, and so I don’t think too much anymore! When you get a second chance at life, you don’t waste it overthinking with non-factual, automatic, and out-of-your-control thoughts! It’s okay, you’ll be thankful when you die and come back… I died and this is my story. Some coincidences or godliness … .. aggressive thoughts, thinking like this last season. Post surgery, post coma, zero brain damage…..Help Needed Refer my profile to my URL and download my free master class on anxiety, overthinking and stress management. overthinking.#dead #gratitude #intrusivethoughts #secondchance #livelife to the fullest mojo.video mojo.video

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Prior to the incident, Bortoft said he went to Spain in 2011 and became a monk in 2015 after dealing with a toxic relationship and now regularly practices the techniques he learned from the Isaiah monks.

While she was in the hospital, she said no one but her immediate family knew what had happened, but her psychic friend contacted her sister to find out what was going on.

“She said my spirit was in her front room and I asked her to write lists for my son and my dad,” Bortoft said. “My sister told her I was fighting for my life at the hospital and I was there for over two hours. I said [my friend] My body was falling apart and I didn’t think I could get back into it, but he was tougher on me and told me to go back.”

Pictured: Kirsty in a coma.
Kirsty Bortoft was placed in a medically induced coma.
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“Meanwhile at the hospital, my family was told to prepare themselves for the end.”

“The first night was very important and it didn’t look good, where Stu was told to prepare so that I wouldn’t do it – but he was having none of it,” said Bortoft.

The sales manager wanted all the help she could get, so she contacted all of Bortoft’s meditation groups and spoke to her religious friends to begin the healing process.

“People all over the world have come online to pray and meditate, I even had a reiki master who worked with me for hours and helped me get back into my body,” she said. “His faith and ability never wavered, even when he was told the prognosis was still not good – but he was confident I would come home.”

While Kirsty was in a coma, Stu would talk to her and the doctors via video calls
While Kirsty was in a coma, Stu would talk to her and the doctors via video calls.
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Stu was informed that all the functions of Bortoft’s body were being controlled by the machine – but the doctors hoped to bring him out of the coma and monitor him.

They decided to turn off life support and let his body regain consciousness on its own, although they weren’t sure if there was brain damage.

“I arrived and immediately asked for Stu,” recalls Bortoft. “I started crying with excitement, and even though they could never figure out why it happened, I became a medical researcher. There is another case like mine where a person survived with rare problems.

Kirsty and Stu before a terrible accident
Kirsty and Stu before the horrific incident in December 2020.
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A few days after Bortoft woke up from his coma, Stu asked her to marry him. Now they re-examined the situation and recognized some of the previously unrecognized factors that contributed to his survival.

For example, Stu had to leave to help a client, but when he went to meet the client, a stranger helped him and he was no longer needed.

“If he had gone, I wouldn’t be here today,” Bortoft said.

Kirsty Bortoft
Kirsty Bortoft claimed something “magical” happened to her.
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Bortoft also shares his insights after coming to his senses.

“I remember when I came back into my body I knew exactly what I needed to do to heal, like download the information,” she said.

“I realized that you don’t die, only your body moves, and that my mission here is not over yet,” he added. “Without darkness, you don’t know what light is, and I believe we are here to awaken, grow, and improve our vibrations.”

Bortoft meditated and imagined a white gold light flowing through the cells of his body.

Kirsty and Stu after a terrible accident
Kirsty and Stu after the accident.
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“People would laugh when I said, ‘I know I’ve been near death, but I’m fit and well’ – I knew what I was doing,” he said.

According to him, his quick recovery surprised the doctors.

“I accelerated the inevitable and recovered faster, where on the 10th day I had an X-ray of my lungs and the radiologist was shocked,” he said. “He asked me for permission to show his team the results and was amazed that the scar and water had almost disappeared. I told him I had healed my lungs and he asked how, so I shared my story.

Bortoft felt “joy and excitement” about the recovery process and now he is hopeful share his story with others hoping to tell people to stop living in fear.


I’m dead, so I don’t worry anymore. What happened part 2! I died and came back, this is my story! What happened in those 48 hours was a mixture of coincidences, Mistry, wonder and magic. My second near-death experience took my soul to another realm. Claire, my spirit friend who lives in Spain, talks to me when I’m out of body. I do not remember talking to white beings, but I have a clear sense of how to lead my life here …. Worry, aggressive thoughts do not interest me anymore …. I follow simple rules that are now very clear – gratitude, trust or divine protection, see everything as a gift to learn, serve or grow, love to be the only healer, knowing how important we all are. Life is the only school and it is the school of vibration. Challenges create contract and are necessary for growth and the fact that we are here to experience a range of emotions is a wonderful gift, don’t let them go and suffering will never be a problem. #NDE#NDEdisturbing thoughts #dead #gratitude #school #vibration #secondchance

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“I don’t waste time worrying or overthinking and it means I’m a braver version of myself now, I have no regrets,” she said. “Worry is a construct of the mind, when you use your imagination negatively and put it in the future – it’s all an illusion. You are here to experience a spectrum of emotions, not to hold them in and beat yourself up.

Instead, Bortoft said he focuses on what he has, not what he doesn’t have, and appreciates life very much.

“I can walk, I can see, I can hear and my brain is clear, I can carry on – but what I’m most proud of is allowing life to unfold from a strong place of inner trust,” she said.

Kirsty and her fiance Stu
Kirsty and her fiance Stu, in summer 2022.
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Now Bortoft and Stu are planning their wedding in 2023 and she says she “couldn’t do better”.

“I feel lucky because I was given a second chance in life.”


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