I liked a picture of a “high rated” man on a dating app – he rejected me because I was “fat”.

The plus-size mum claims she was stalked on a dating app last month by a man who claimed she had ‘above average’ looks and ‘high values’.

“It was so funny it was funny,” Krista Brown told Kennedy News.

Brown, 36, said she downloaded the Abundant Fish app to meet Christians in November after being single for three years. He was not prepared for the terrible news he received from the match, but he turned out to be inconsistent.

Casanova, a Minnesota budget support specialist, recalled that he thought cyberspace was “cute” despite his “bitter mustache.” He said he pushed her but didn’t message her. According to her, an unknown man approached her in a big way.

“He sent me a big, long paragraph asking me why I thought I deserved to date him and what I had to bring to the equation. He had a very modest tone. He was very funny,” he said sadly.

Christa Brown admitted the remarks were funny, but noted that the hateful comments could be “harmful” to some women.
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“At first I was upset, but after reading it, it became funny and I just shook my head and started laughing. “I don’t even believe there are people out there who actually think like that,” he continued.

Brown shared with Kennedy News that, according to her, Prince is not very attractive.

The man appeared to brag about his home renovations and “above average” looks, and that Brown refused to match him for a number of reasons, including being “big, fat, fat.” emphasized that it is necessary. Brown says she’s a size 18.

“Yes, I am shallow. No, guys don’t care what women have achieved in life. No, men don’t want a strong, independent, opinionated woman. Men want to feel wanted. They want looks, youth, and inexperience,” wrote detractor Don Juan.

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Man's hateful rage

An unidentified man began the conversation angrily by stating that he was “definitely high five” and that Brown should never be matched with him because he was fat.

A misogynistic rant

He reportedly shared strange beliefs about women and mental health.

Rude dating app messages

The man allegedly demanded that Brown abandon his standards, while calling his children “baggage.”

He reasoned that if she was at least a virgin, he would have considered dating her – but he guessed she wouldn’t because he had two children.

“I know this sounds like bad news, but it’s not. It’s just reality, and it looks bad because people are so far removed from this thing, so-called reality,” the note reads. “I’m sorry, why do women have such high standards for men?”

Brown puts the supposedly ruthless Romeo in his place and explains that if he is intimidated by strong and independent women, he has some issues he needs to deal with.

“I’m all for honesty, but there’s something called courtesy and respect that you seem to be sorely lacking. I am not the girl for you,” he answered.

He called Brown “selfish” for wanting to date a woman with a child he allegedly called “baggage” instead of leaving the awkward situation alone.

According to Brown, he had to block the malicious player, not wanting to hear his hate.

In recent years, mental health experts have warned linked to global growth in incel culture and online abuse of women. Defined by incells Anti-Defamation League as an extremist group of “heterosexual men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success.”

Brown said she struggles with her mental health but is in a good place in her life. She warned that hateful messages like Kennedy’s could be devastating for some women.

“Something like that can be very damaging if someone takes his word for it,” Brown said. “If you want to get a woman, rudeness and condescension are not the way to go.”


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