I survived a terrible first date at the zoo – the guy did the strangest thing

Lions and tigers and cheap dates – oh!

An English woman is going viral as she recalls her tragic first date on Twitter.

“I remember when I went on my first date to London Zoo and at the gate he asked if I minded paying for my ticket, I said I did and at that point he pulled out a 2 for 1 voucher. , so for I paid the ticket and he got in for free” Elena Byrne started in a series of tweets.

Unexpectedly, the economy tickets weren’t the only thing that made things worse. Byrne said she couldn’t stop talking about a situation where a man she recently met was friends with a girl whose boyfriend later told her to get back at him.

“He told me a really long story about how he was ‘finally ready to date’ after his heartbreak,” she said.

Elena Byrne said an acquaintance used her to get free entry to London Zoo.
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Sparks didn’t fly all day, so Bjorn found an excuse to get him out of the situation.

“I tried to sneak out at the end of the date, saying I wanted to start Christmas shopping. It was August,” she admitted to the lame excuse.

“Then he grabbed me by the freaking head and slammed his teeth into my teeth.â€

Elena Byrne's story of the disaster went viral on Twitter.
Byrne said she tried to get out of the date, saying she had to go and start Christmas shopping. It was August.
Elena Byrne's story of the disaster went viral on Twitter.
His story went viral on Twitter.

He didn’t say much about the strange gesture—he didn’t say whether he was injured by a tooth or two—but he returned to the fact that it was his idea to go on a date. primarily a zoo. Many users speculated that he may have just taken up space so that he could have a free day at the zoo.

“But if his aim was to be lucky, he failed,” replied Bjorn. “I guess it depends on what you want out of the date.”

One reviewer even asked, “Have you met George Costanza?” — a reference to Jason Alexander’s lazy, self-absorbed and famously cheap character on the long-running sitcom Seinfeld.

“He was apparently on a budget (no shame in that) and I’ve had a lot of fun on free/super cheap dates in the past so I wouldn’t mind,” he added. he tweeted in another.

One male respondent shared his positive ending after creating an awkward situation in a meeting. “I had to borrow money from the first date to get more drinks” he wrote. “We have been together for 20 years, married for 12 years and have a six-year-old son. And still fall in love.”

But it probably goes without saying that Bjorn’s date didn’t meet him a second time — but not because he used his BOGO coupon himself.

“He didn’t, but that’s not why. I could *almost* respect the rush, but unfortunately it was also boring and scary,” Bjorn concluded.

Another woman went viral on TikTok this week because she and her boyfriend wore masks to stalk his best friend when they went on their first date in 15 years.


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