‘I trust Harry Kane to finish a big chance against Cristiano Ronaldo,’ says Pandit


Gabriel Agbonlahor opined that Harry Kane believes Cristiano Ronaldo can finish a big chance.

The former Aston Villa star spoke ahead of the England international’s goal.

O’Hara asked Agbonlahor: “In a cup final, will you have Kane or Ronaldo?”

The former Premier League forward wasted little time answering: “I have Kane!”

He said: “If you look to finish, nobody is better.”

The stunned O’Hara challenged Agbonelahore’s decision, defending his opinion by recalling the duel that accompanied him during his playing days.

He scored two goals against Portugal to beat Ireland in the World Cup qualifier.

But Agbonlahorh prefers the 28-year-old, as people express their feelings online on social media.

One tweeted sarcastically: “I can’t remember a single final where Ronaldo made a difference to his team. On the other hand, Kane is the biggest stage goal machine.”

The latter wrote: “Harry Kane has gone to the 4 Cup Final and scored 0 goals. What are you doing? “

Third: “They didn’t see the 2019 CL final. The 2021 League Cup final. Oh and the Euro 2020 (2021) final. Finishing one thing

Cain or Ronaldo? Who did you get?



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