I was a DoorDash driver — until I told customers they don’t tip enough

A DoorDash driver who blasted low-TikTik customers on TikTok has been fired, the food delivery service told The Post on Wednesday.

Former Dasher, who posts on TikTok under the username @dashingtraderwent viral for reaching people’s homes only to criticize them for not meeting his standards.

“Competing with multiple clowns!” Former driver Titled a clip.which has garnered 992,400 views since it was posted earlier this month.

In the video, which lasts about a minute, the distraught employee relays the customer’s reaction when asked why they didn’t tip more.

“Never heard of a tip, a trip?” He asks mostly starving homeowners, who he claims have not paid satisfactorily.

He claimed to leave the non-tippers’ food sitting on a shelf.

He filmed the customer's response as he confronted them.
He filmed customers’ responses when confronted.

The clip opens with a woman sitting at the front desk of the Homewood Suites Hotel, as the driver immediately asks her how much she tipped.

The exchange is edited, so the viewer doesn’t hear her reply, but the driver admonishes her nonetheless.

“Yeah, it’s not enough when it’s 0 degrees outside, and it’s snowy, and I have to drive my car and wait for it,” he tells her.

Dasher then reveals that he makes the non-tippers’ food sit longer to collect, showing a shelf full of takeout.

In another case, the customer claims he left a tip for the driver, who immediately replies that he left $2 on the order — which, according to the driver, “appeared as $2.50, and his That usually means there’s no tip there.”

At the end of the clip, the driver hands a bag of food to a random man.

“I take all bad orders. You hungry?” He tells her. “I got you, man.”

A DoorDash spokesperson told The Post that Dasher’s account has been disabled, a development. The former driver confirmed. On TikTok.

“We expect all members of the DoorDash community to treat each other with respect, and this behavior is clearly unacceptable,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “Dasher was disabled, and we apologize to users for the uncomfortable experience and for not living up to the high expectations they deserve.”

On TikTok, viewers weren’t sold on the man’s tip-shaming, with many calling it out in the comments.

A user claimed that Bhai doesn’t want to tip me anymore.

“I give cash a lot of the time. So I’ll kick that dude out if he doesn’t give me a chance to tip him,” swore one ticker.

“Bro. You literally took every trip without a tip?” Another wondered.

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