I’m a neighbor from hell – and I’m shocked to find out why

We’ve all heard horror stories about neighbors who make life hell – but imagine finding out. you the neighbor that everyone complains about.

TikTok user Michelle Meleski shared the video after receiving an email from her next-door neighbor explaining that her fire alarm had been going off all night.

“I just found out I’m next door to hell and I feel terrible” Meleski said in his TikTok video.

“Yesterday I was out and I woke up to an email from my neighbor around 9:45 saying, ‘Hey Michelle, your fire alarm has been going off for a few hours and your lights are on, so I’m sure you’re home and I’m worried there’s an accident,” he said in the video, which has been viewed nearly 44,000 times.

Meleski says he fears becoming the “neighbor from hell.”
The neighbors had to remove the alarm.
The neighbor was able to get into his apartment and stop the alarm.

Meleski, who is Canadian but now lives in the UK, admitted he had not checked his emails so a neighbor called the police. While on the phone with police, his neighbor encountered another man in the building with a spare key to Meleski’s apartment.

Michelle Meleski realized that she was the neighbor everyone hated.
Michelle Meleski realized she was the neighbor everyone hated after the fire alarm went off all night.

“My neighbor removed the fire alarm from my ceiling so it wouldn’t go off in the middle of the night,” he continued. “But it’s probably been off for five hours, and even the noise is annoying – I feel terrible.”

Calling herself the “neighbor from hell,” Meleski said she was scared to put herself on stage.

“And I’m the same guy that you beat up on your friends,” he said.

Meleski said her guilt grew when she received another email from her neighbor explaining what had happened.

“[Then] It was like, ‘I’m so glad you’re OK,'” she recalled. “He just cared about me!”

While Meleski feels terrible about the mess his fire alarm caused, followers believe it wasn’t his fault and he’s thankful his neighbors understood.

“This is completely out of your control,” wrote one user.

“You’re only next door to hell if you do it on purpose,” added another.


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