I’m the hottest scientist in the world who fights alligators and models

Rosie Moore spends her days dealing with pythons, sharks and alligators, but the adventurous 26-year-old is often compared to Hannah Montana for her glamorous swagger as a model.

Moore, who works for Delray Beach’s Coastal Water Management Group in Florida, comes face-to-face with deadly creatures that people would normally avoid every day, and loves it.

However, the geoscientist is also signed as a professional model and his Instagram is full with impressive brand agreements and partnerships.

“On Instagram, people always joke that I’m like Hannah Montana because I post and do crazy things in the field or get stuck in mud up to my waist, and then they know I’m the next thing. in full hair and makeup, heels and a dress at a fancy event,” she said Essay for Insider.

Glam scientist fights the world’s deadliest animals.
Instagram/Rosie Moore
The 26-year-old also works as a model and wants to get young girls involved in science-based activities.
The 26-year-old also models and wants to get young girls involved in science-based activities.
Instagram/Rosie Moore

Despite the success of her modeling career, the modern scientist said that she intends to continue in her chosen field, and noted what people think of her in both jobs.

“But when they know you have a respectable career, it kind of turns something inside of them and they think more of you,” she said in an essay about modeling. “On the other hand, in the scientific world, I think people respect my modeling, so it’s interesting that it’s going one way but not the other.”

Rosie Moore loves both jobs and is able to do both.
Rosie Moore loves both jobs and is grateful to be able to do them at the same time.
Instagram/Rosie Moore

According to Moore, she accidentally got into modeling to encourage more girls to pursue science-oriented activities.

“There’s a free diving place for girls to do sharks or underwater modeling, so I started meeting with photographers for some product shots and things like that,” she said, adding that wildlife and outdoor placements are the first added that he will put it in place. content.

“This way, I can show other girls that it’s okay to have hobbies and go out,” she said.

In November, Moore posted a viral video of an 18-foot Burmese python swallowing a 5-foot alligator in Florida.

In the footage, scientists can be seen opening the stomach of the python and examining it before removing the alligator.


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