In Deposition, Former Prosecutor Rebuffs G.O.P. Questions About Trump Case

In a deposition on Monday, a former prosecutor, Melissa DeRosa, rebuffed questions from Republican lawmakers about her handling of the criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump. DeRosa had been subpoenaed by the New York State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee as part of its inquiry into the Trump Organization’s business practices.

DeRosa, who served as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan for more than a decade, was asked about her interactions with the Trump Organization during her time as a prosecutor. She declined to answer questions related to the investigation, citing the ongoing criminal investigation and her obligation to maintain the confidentiality of grand jury proceedings.

The deposition was part of an ongoing legal battle between the New York State Attorney General’s office and the Trump Organization. The Attorney General’s office is conducting a criminal investigation into the company’s finances, while the state’s Department of Financial Services is investigating its insurance practices.

The Trump Organization has been accused of inflating the value of its assets to secure loans and tax breaks, while also downplaying their value for tax purposes. The company has denied any wrongdoing and has accused the investigations of being politically motivated.

The former president has also been accused of pressuring state officials to interfere in the investigations. In a recording made by DeRosa earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo was heard urging her to issue a statement about the investigation that would be favorable to the Trump Organization.

The legal battle is likely to continue for some time, as both sides are expected to appeal any adverse rulings. In the meantime, the investigations have cast a shadow over the Trump Organization’s business dealings and could have significant implications for the former president and his associates.

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