Iowa high school student raising funds for Midwest Honor Flight

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Since 2017, the Midwest Honor Flight has been taking veterans on one last tour of honor.

More than 1,000 veterans have traveled to Washington, D.C., to visit memorials to their wars.

A high schooler from Iowa is helping raise funds so more veterans can travel.

Aaron Van Beek is the founder and CEO of Midwest Honor Flight, and now his sister Elsie has found her own way to get involved using cupcakes.

Elsie has been involved with Midwest Honor Flight since its inception.

“Honor Flight was like a second family,” Elsie said.

She acts as a patriotic princess.

“I give dog tags to veterans when they come home and greet them,” Elsie said.

That wasn’t enough for Elsie, after hearing from Aaron and the veterans how incredible the experience was, she wanted to get on the flight herself to see for herself.

“I asked him how I could get on the flight, and he said let me raise $50,000 and then you can go ahead and sponsor the flight,” Elsie said.

She went straight to work, making cupcakes and selling them at markets and other events in the area.

“At first I really doubted myself, but here we are,” Elsie said.

Since June 2021, Elsie Honors has raised more than $46,000, and hopes to reach its goal of sponsoring Flight 15 by March, sometime this summer.

“Since they did the best they could, I should do my best for them because they at least deserve it,” Elsie said.

Van Beek’s family is heavily involved in the armed forces, with Elsie’s sister and cousin serving in the Army National Guard, and her grandfather also serving in World War II, hence her passion for giving back to veterans. happens.

“They fought for our freedom so we can give them a free flight to see the memorials and honor them because they deserve the respect they can get.”

As Elsie is only 14 years old she is unable to attend the flight as a guardian, which is why she has set out to raise $50,000.

The best way you can help her reach her goal is by donating to the Elsie Honors Facebook page.

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