Israeli diplomat in China hospitalized in ‘prison conditions’ for COVID

An Israeli diplomat is infected with COVID in China revealed how he was forced to stay in a prison-like medical facility where he was isolated for 10 “surreal” days.

Israel’s consul general in Shanghai, Eddie Shapira, said on Saturday that he had been sent to a “prison-like” facility after coming down with mild symptoms.

“I got sick with COVID and I’m completely recovered,” he wrote on Facebook. “I had no serious symptoms. The problem is that I caught it in the most wrong place in the world – China.

According to the diplomat, even with mild cases like his, the country treats patients as they did in the early days of the pandemic.

“Here they are still dealing with infections of the same severity, as if three years have passed and nothing has been learned – and they are advocating complete isolation for those with COVID,” he said.

Eddie Shapira.
Israel’s Consul General in Shanghai, Eddie Shapira, has been hospitalized after contracting mild COVID.
Facebook/Eddie Shapira

According to Shapira, “nothing could be prepared [him] for the experience,” even after working with the pandemic for the past two years.

Patients with COVID-19 are isolated in designated hospitals for 10 days until they fully recover.

Shapira described the hospital room where he was treated as like an aquarium.

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Hospital room.

Eddie Shapira was isolated for 10 “surreal” days.

Hospital room.

Shapira documented his stay in a prison-like medical facility.

Hospital room.

In China, patients with COVID-19 are isolated in designated hospitals.

Hospital room.

An Israeli diplomat described the hospital room he was staying in as an aquarium.

“There were two automated doors that opened with a remote control and a small window for food,” he said.

“The conditions are reminiscent of a prison (just a guess, I haven’t experienced it yet), 10 of the most surreal days imaginable. Not recommended for claustrophobia, and not for anyone at all!” he continued.

China is expected to ease its COVID quarantine protocols in the coming weeks. The shift comes after a deadly fire in Urumqi last month sparked dozens of protests against extreme COVID restrictions, with victims claiming they were unable to escape the blaze because the apartment building was closed.

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