It took the Jets just six minutes to completely unwind against the Bills


The Jets allowed Sunday’s game against the Bills to get away from them.

He was in the game with 1:53 left in the first half after a 48-yard field goal by Matt Amendola made it 10-3. But things fell apart quickly from there.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen hit star receiver Stephen Diggs for a 57-yard gain in the first game of the next series. Diggs scored a 12-yard touchdown after four games to put Buffalo up 17-3. The Jets had a chance to take the lead before halftime, but wide receiver Corey Davis stumbled on the Bills 27 and Buffalo recovered.

The Bills opened the second half with a 75-yard touchdown drive to go 24-3. Mike White then threw his second interception of the game, and the Bills converted it to a 64-yard touchdown drive with a 31-3 run with 10:47 left in the third quarter, a point game after just six minutes of play time.

“Those are things that a young group needs to understand, what the teams are trying to achieve in the situation two minutes into the first game,” Jets coach Robert Saleh defeated Diggs’ Brandin Echols on a 57-yard pass. Two movements. “Especially the way they are and the way they act. That’s why a lot of teams get kicked out. You score before the half, you score out of the locker room, and all of a sudden, a 10-3 game turns into a 24-3 in a heartbeat. You say, ‘What the hell happened?’ We should be fine. It means understanding a lot of situations and clearly getting better at those situations.

Robert Saleh responds after one of Mike White’s four interceptions.
Robert Sabo

Linebacker CJ Moseley said this was part of learning how the Jets’ youth team should win.

“We have to go through these learning lines,” Mosley said. “It hurts. It sure does. It certainly has.”

The Jets got a brutal penalty early in the second quarter. He was fourth and 1 in the Bills 45 and trailed 10-0. The jets lined up to go for it, but were fined for the delay in the game.

“Where we were aligned, we felt good with the procedure,” Saleh said. “We had to take the ball. Not good for us. We checked the headset and felt good about where we were with the game clock and where we were in a row. The procedure did not go the way we thought it would. ”

White quit the game after hitting in the fourth quarter. He landed on the ball and the air hit him, he said. Saleh said he was cleared to return to the game. … Echols has a quad injury. … The Jets have averaged 472.5 yards in their last four games and 43.8 points per game.



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