It’s unlikely Biden’s rambling State of the Union inspired Americans to ‘finish the job’

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The state of the union is strong, Biden announced after the 70-minute break. Unfortunately, the nation does not agree.

The latest reading on consumer sentiment from UMCSENT (University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment) was 64.9, which compares to 98.3 at the same moment in Trump’s presidency.

About 75% of the nation believes we are on the wrong track (vs. 59% under Trump) and, when asked by CBS News to describe our nation in a recent poll, 62% said “ distribution”, 49% responded with “decrease”. ” and 41% said “weak.”

Mr. President, with all due respect, this does not sound like a strong state of the union.

State of the Union: Biden lays out economic plan, calls for bipartisanship but repeatedly chides Republicans

It was just one of many misleading statements by Biden intended to convince the nation that he deserved another term. Good luck with that, given his halting and uneven presentation, which will only reinforce concerns about his age.

The president’s second State of the Union speech is full of impossibly partisan ambitions (passing a billionaire’s tax, new funding for countless initiatives, banning assault weapons), proposed regulations that will complicate and slow down our economy (promoting unions giving, setting fees and personnel roles) new programs that will add to our unsustainable deficits, talking points about class warfare and an extensive catalog of dishonest claims about this administration’s achievements. There was very little that was new.

Recurring theme: “Let’s end the job,” addressing gun control, police reform, reducing drug overdoses, limiting drug prices, adopting universal preschool, student debt burden Reducing, improving veterans’ benefits and opportunities, repairing our infrastructure. You get the point – the call came in for four more years.

Biden’s speech traveled so many streets and alleys and sidewalks that it was impossible not to notice the shocking yellow dress of independent Arizona senator Kristen Sinema or the terrifying mask of first lady Jill Biden.

Progressives throw shade at Mnuchin, cinema for blocking massive spending in state of union response

There was no architecture for the president’s pitch, and he failed to focus on just a few issues that might resonate with voters. Instead, he threw 50 titles at the wall in hopes that one or two would stick.

As a result, the president has failed to honestly address the issues that matter most to voters, which has been a frequent complaint about the Biden White House.

According to Gallup, inflation is the nation’s number one concern. As he has done before, Biden blamed the price hike on supply chains reeling from the COVID lockdown and Putin’s war on Ukraine.

He took no responsibility for the tsunami of federal benefits and aid programs that pushed consumer spending to record levels, sidelined workers and sent prices soaring. Nor did he propose a plan to cut government spending.

He just claimed again in this arena that his White House has brought down our deficit – a true distortion of our fiscal picture over the last few years.

There was no architecture for the president’s pitch, and he failed to focus on just a few issues that might resonate with voters. Instead, he threw 50 titles at the wall in hopes that one or two would stick.

Yes, last year the deficit narrowed as some programs ended. But, as the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget reports, “Congress and the White House should have stopped engaging in new borrowing in 2021.” It didn’t happen. By contrast, with new bills and executive orders, Biden increased our budget deficit. to $4.8 trillion And today are still willing to spend more on things like canceling student loans.

During the State of the Union, Biden claimed that the GOP wanted to cut Social Security, Medicare

Immigration is another major concern, and another responsibility that Biden has delegated to someone else. Republicans in the chamber erupted after Biden touted his call for “comprehensive immigration reform” as key to closing the border and voiced their displeasure when the president claimed the GOP lacked the manpower needed to protect our border. And getting in the way of equipment financing.

Given that the White House has knowingly allowed more than 5 million undocumented people to enter our country in the past two years since Joe Biden rolled back Trump’s measures to reduce illegal crossings, was done, their passing behind is unpleasant. In fact, this White House has created a crisis not only along the border but in many Democrat-run cities and states across the country, which has cost Americans dearly.

Elsewhere in the speech, Biden praised the “rule of law.” There is nothing legal about how the president has managed our border.

Another controversial claim by the president was that oil companies have unfairly benefited from high oil prices and refused to invest in higher production despite record profits.

Four Supreme Court Justices Absent from Biden’s State of the Union

Given that Joe Biden has made it clear on multiple occasions that he wants to end fossil fuel drilling, the Keystone Pipeline and slow oil leases and drilling permits to demonstrate his commitment have taken steps like canceling the oil, their blame game. The prices are beyond dishonest.

The most controversial comment of the evening, however, was when Biden accused “some” Republicans of wanting to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare. GOP lawmakers have roared with anger at Biden’s repeated lies that he hopes will scare seniors into voting Democrat.

Clearly stunned by the pushback, Biden, to his credit, turned it into an apparent victory by getting both sides of the aisle to agree that neither side would allow these major programs to be cut.

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Biden has repeatedly praised the ability of Republicans and Democrats to work together, on what the White House has called his “unity agenda.”

It is sad to note that the President, who campaigned on a promise to bring the country together, only speaks of unity on one day every year – when he delivers his State of the Union address.

After all, this is the same president who just days ago described the GOP as “fiscally insane,” mocking the extremism of MAGA Republicans, who passed a perfectly reasonable Georgia voting law. was described as Jim Crow 2.0 and falsely accused border agents of flogging. Immigrants

Biden called for unity on SOTU Day because the country wants civility and would like to see our two political parties working together.

This is her “Lucy and the Football” promise. Sorry, Mr. President — we’re not buying it.

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