J.J. Abrams is making a movie out of Stephen King hitman novel Billy Summers

Left: JJ Abrams (Photo: (David M. Bennett/Dave Bennett/Getty Images), Right: Stephen King (Photo: (Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Warner Bros.)

JJ Abrams is once again returning to his Stephen King steps. THR Reporting This weekend Castle Rock Executive producer—whose Hulu TV series is loosely adapted from, and inspired by, various King set works—leads the film adaptation of King’s recent hitman-turned-novelist novel. Billy Summers.

Released back in 2021, Billy Summers A pretty typical King book, as far as this one goes. Propulsive style exercise that It just happens Also to Be a long love letter for writing skills. The plot follows a professional killer on “one last job,” despite being acutely aware of how rarely “one last job” is in crime novels. When he is forced to go on the lam, he spends his time writing and forming a relationship with a young woman he rescued after being sexually assaulted. Like many of King’s recent books, the novel largely avoids any supernatural elements (though there are some callbacks to it). Shining Hiding around its edges, it places it neatly within the wider world of the author’s fiction).

Warner Bros. Setup on Discovery, Summers This will be the third King project that Abrams has stolen from the screen to date. except for Castle Rockdirector and producer also served as EP on Hulu’s TV adaptation of the King time travel novel. 11.22.63. (He also wrote its theme song, one of the things he occasionally does on projects where he has his own identity for one or another.) It’s not yet clear whether Abrams will write the film. Will direct version or not. Billy Summers; He has not directed any film since 2019. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerapparently Instead prefer to work in your role as a producer.

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