James Patterson pens new book on real-life police officers: ‘More action than four Alex Cross novels’

Fans of James Patterson won’t find beloved characters Alex Cross or Michael Bennett in his latest book. Instead, Patterson has chosen to focus his newly released publication on their real-life counterparts.

Billed as “a collection of honest and heartfelt stories” from real police officers that show what it’s like to wear the uniform, Patterson once again teamed up with retired Army Ranger Matt Eversman to “Walk the Blue Line.” ” has worked for, which hits the shelves today.

It’s the real deal, Patterson said. Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Monday. “If people want to understand Memphis, you want to understand Minneapolis… If you want to understand what’s going on in New York City, this does it for you. You’ll really understand the police better than ever.” “

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Patterson appeared.”“Morning with Maria” Along with Eversmann, who served as an Army Ranger for 20 years — and who Patterson said inspired a character in the 2001 film “Black Hawk Down.”

“I spent a good part of a year interviewing law enforcement officers east to west, north to south, big, small, everything in between to get those stories and hand them over to Jim. [Patterson] And let him do the magic,” Eversman told Bartiromo.

“They are about as true and honest and accurate a story about policing as you can get,” he added.

Cover of ‘Walk the Blue Line’ by co-authors James Patterson and Matt Eversman, which hits shelves today. (Fox News)

No right. No more. Only the cops are telling their true stories to James Patterson.

That’s what post-colon readers will find on sites like Amazon and Google Reads — and Patterson assures his fans. “Take the Blue Line” Something everyone can really sink their teeth into.

“People are going to really eat this thing up, because it has more action than four Alex Cross novels,” Patterson boasted Monday. “It really moves.”

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I Appearance of FOX Businessthe best-selling author regaled the audience with a story from the book.

“The first week on the job for this woman, a detective, and it was a drug bust. She was standing outside with the car, but she noticed something going on in the garage. She went to the garage… there were two. . The kids in the car; two guys got out and opened up on him. He killed those two guys and got shot nine times.”

“She’s still dedicated,” Patterson revealed. “She’s still an officer and won’t do anything.”

This is just one of many stories readers will learn about in the book, which Patterson wrote in hopes of educating more Americans about the day-to-day horrific experiences of police:

“In terms of this book, I understand the police better than I ever did. People watching think they understand… [but] They don’t understand for the most part.”

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