Jamie Carragher does his best American accent and it’s absolute comedy gold


Have you ever heard the Scouse boy American accent? Enter Jamie Carragher, who tried his best at CBS Sports and its entire comedy gold.

Carragher worked with host Kate Abdo and pundits Thierry Henry and Alex Scott for Champions League action on Wednesday.

And at the end of the broadcast, Abdo challenged Carragher to sign an American accent – and he made an epic speech.

The American accent of the Liverpool legend made Henry and Scott better, both blasting uncontrollable laughs at the scene.

CBS Sports Tweet has collected thousands of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ and you can see why.

Check out Carragher’s hilariously wonderful Thanksgiving send-off below.

His American accent didn’t go down too much, but social media liked his effort.

One tweeted: “I’m not sure it’s an American accent.”

The latter joked: “The shades that Joe Barton does in French.”

A third added: “This guy from Texas ??



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