Jamie Foxx ‘has been out of the hospital for weeks’ despite ICU claims: daughter

Jamie Foxx, the renowned American actor, comedian, and singer, has been at the center of speculation after rumors circulated that he had been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of a Los Angeles hospital. However, Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, has recently come forward to dismiss these claims, stating that her father has been out of the hospital for weeks.

The rumors began to circulate after TMZ reported that the actor had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition, allegedly suffering from a serious heart condition. According to the report, Foxx had been hospitalized for several days before being moved to the ICU.

However, Corinne Foxx has since taken to social media to set the record straight, confirming that her father had been admitted to the hospital but was not in the ICU. She also added that Foxx has since been discharged and is now at home recovering.

The news comes as a relief to Jamie Foxx’s fans, who were left concerned for the actor’s health after the rumors began to circulate. Foxx is best known for his roles in movies such as “Ray,” “Django Unchained,” and “Collateral,” and has won multiple awards for his performances.

In recent years, Foxx has also made a name for himself in the music industry, releasing several successful albums and collaborating with other artists such as Kanye West and Drake.

While the specifics of Foxx’s hospitalization remain unclear, the actor has previously been open about his struggles with anxiety and depression, and the toll that his high-profile career has taken on his mental health. In a 2019 interview, Foxx spoke candidly about the need to take time for self-care and to prioritize mental health.

For now, fans of the actor can rest assured that he is on the road to recovery and is receiving the support and care that he needs. Despite the rumors and speculation, it seems that Jamie Foxx is doing just fine and will soon be back to his usual busy schedule of movies, music, and other projects.

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