Jana Hawking on why she doesn’t have “too many” sexual partners

Have you ever been told that you are not “marriage material”? I know I have many times. From someone who usually frowns upon my hedonistic lifestyle.

“Those guys keep dating Jana and you’ll get a reputation,” he likes to remind me all the time.

Dive deep into my private messages and you’ll find a lot of angry gentlemen saying that I encourage women into prostitution and I only get a few cats and some horrible STDs.

First, I love cats, and secondly, kudos for the condom. Safe sex always, folks.

So it gives me great joy to report that science has come to the rescue. Fact: The number of sexual partners you have has little to no bearing on whether or not you are “marriage material.”

Critics of her sex life say that Jana Hawking is not “marriage material”.
Instagram/Jana Hocking

Seriously, don’t just take my word for it, it comes from a grand statement Researchers at the University of Utah and the University of Oklahoma For 18 years, he analyzed data on about 9,000 people who disclosed their sexual history.

They found that the most recent number of sexual partners was associated with a decrease in the likelihood of marriage, but this effect lasted only for one year – indicating that the connection was temporary.

This is good news for those who have had a decent crack at single life.

Jana Hawking.
“Women with multiple sexual partners are just as likely to marry as virgins, albeit slightly later,” the study said.
Instagram/Jana Hocking

As a type A person, I made a list of my sexual partners and I remember the day when it was over ten.

Oh wow, I thought as I added another ‘Harry’ to the list. I thought I would get married when I reached that number. I can say it’s always in the back of my mind, but it’s not enough to stop me from having a good time.

And don’t get me wrong, my list isn’t huge, but it’s enough to qualify me as someone with a healthy libido.

The study states: “Although heterosexual women have historically been stigmatized for having casual sex, our analysis shows that this does not translate into long-term singleness. Women with multiple sexual partners are just as likely to marry as virgins, if a little later.

So, then the question arises, why among us marry a little later than a virgin?

Scientists have found several reasons, including the fact that women are more financially independent and less excited about the idea of ​​lifelong commitment to just one person. Oh, I see! In fact, I was excited that this study was based on me.

Like many of my friends, I absolutely love the idea of ​​getting married, but am I in a rush to walk down the aisle? No! Statistics do not lie, marriages in 2021 decreased by 21.7% compared to 2019, and this does not include the lock period. I like it.

To conclude their study, the scientists left it with the following note: “In any case, this is a short-term effect. A man or woman who still has several sexual partners in their youth does not spoil the prospects of marriage in this way.

Well, take me to church because this girl is getting married. In the end. Maybe in the distant future. I have a few more rolls in the hay, right after.


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