Jason Chaffetz warns Republicans booting Ilhan Omar from key committee is ‘doing Democrats a favor’

Ahead of the House’s vote Thursday to remove Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, former GOP Rep. Jason Schifftz warned on “The Faulkner Focus” that the decision was not for Republicans. And it may have consequences. Party

House lawmakers are preparing to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee

Jason Schaftz: If I were voting on this resolution today, unfortunately, I would not vote. I think the minority has to make that choice. You can police people like Eric Swailwell and Adam Schiff and say you can’t be on the Intel committee because they can’t be trusted with classified information. That is different. In this case, the decision is up to Hakeem Jeffries and Stony Hoyer and the people on the Democratic side of the aisle. You cannot police stupidity and ignorance. And if the Democrats Want to include him in this committee.Ask the Democrats about that. Don’t donate to Democrats who do. Why do the overwhelming majority of Jewish Americans donate so much to Democrats? So I don’t think it’s on Kevin McCarthy in the House Republicans. It’s on the Democrats. But I do not think that he should be denied a place in the committee. It’s up to the Democrats. They have to make that choice, not the Speaker of the House.

It provides a great opportunity to draw contradictions, to show racism, to show bigotry, to discuss it. I think if the Republicans pass it and get it out of committee, they’re actually doing the Democrats a favor because it won’t have the mouth that it would have.

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